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I think we’ve all had a time in our lives where we say “Why God!?! Why do you make me suffer and have to deal with this issue!?! It’s not fair!”

Whether it’s struggling with family, friends, a particular sin, people in the Church, whatever. Remember that God loves you and that He has great plans for you.

What inspirational memes or quotes do you have? Share them here. I’ve always loved these and they help keep in focus what’s important.

Also, any prayer requests?

Let’s offer them up!

God Bless



St Pio once said “we don’t have to be perfect…just willing.” (To serve God)

I’d like to send up a prayer for all unbelievers to be shown the hand of God working in their lives.

Thanks be to God.





Every Saint Has a Past
Every Sinner Has a Future

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