Inspirational Vacation Experience

I’m working my way home from a backcountry ski vacation in Canada. This morning, I attended Mass at a very small parish in rural B.C. The experience was uplifting. The priest was reverent, especially in elevating the host and chalice, and said the black and did the red by the book. His homily was superb–he linked all three readings to our lives and committment to Christ every day. It obviously took a lot of work to craft and really hit home to me. Thank God for holy priests!

Before the Mass, most of the congregation prayed the Rosary, and after the Mass the priest led them as they prayed the St Michael prayer, plus several prayers for vocations and priests. No choir but nearly everyone I saw was singing loudly (during Mass), and it sounded better–more real heart–than many choirs I’ve heard.

At least 1/4 of the congregation did not go forward to receive Holy communion. Nobody held hands at any time during the Mass. No EHMCs, not wandering about the sanctuary, and not distributing communion–the priest distributed to one and all. Most received on the tongue, and an appropriately dressed server used a paten. The Kyrie was in Greek, the Sanctus and Angus Dei in Latin.

It was a wonderful, reverent Mass totally focused on the Lord.

I may emigrate! In all seriousness, I think what I saw was the difference that the firm leadership of one holy priest can make.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us! It sounds like you were halfway to heaven during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!

My best vacation experience was in St. Maarten where I attended St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church in Phillipsburg four days out of seven when we vacationed there two years ago. The reverence of the priest and the participation of the faithful were very moving. The singing sounded like the angels must have chimed in. One day I was able to attend when they prayed the Angelus at noon. There was even a Catholic Shop right across the street from where we stayed so you can imagine where I bought a few gifts for family and friends, too!

Finally, I am living in a mountain community where the priest (a missionary from Nigeria) is very reverent and filled with the Holy Spirit. We celebrate the Mass daily, have Eucharistic Adoration on a regular basis, we pray St. Michael’s prayer right after Mass each day and I could go on and on. If you ever come to Arkansas, the natural state, visit St. Francis of Assisi parish in the Ozarks and you’ll see for yourself! No need to give up your citizenship just yet !:slight_smile:

It sounds like God has blessed that parish with a priest whose heart is set on reverence for God and love for his neighbor. May God continue to bless their priest with all the graces he needs to be a faithful minister in the Church!

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