Inspirational Words?


Twice today, once during Mass and afterwards, I had the strangest thought. I was either thinking or talking to God…and thinking about myself (or the faults of my soul), when I had the thought / words come into my mind***…“I have no gift to bring.” ***
Sound familiar? They are words from “The Little Drummer Boy” that’s played at Christmas time.

I just wanted to share that with you. Maybe, I was feeling spiritually lacking - I don’t think I was planning those words nor thinking of the song…but at two separate times, those words came into my mind. Am I “the little drummer boy” - or was God telling ME that I’m lacking?


I wouldn’t read too much into it, but it might be a good opportunity for you to examine the use of your gifts for God. If you happen to catch EWTN’s “Life on the Rock” with Catholic writer Regina Doman, I thought she did a wonderful job briefly discussing this important issue.

By the way, your post reminds me of a song my wife and I like. It’s called “The Gift” and sung by Aselin Debison. You might enjoy it.


Or… perhaps the Lord inspired the words “I have no gift to bring” in your heart… as a way of reminding you that we all rely, on Him… totally?

We could look at our empty, upturned hands… and think… “We have no gift to bring”; but the Lord might simply be asking for our “empty” upturned hands… an offering of ourselves, to Him.

Just a thought.


“The Little Drummer Boy” I experience as very moving - just one of those things that do move me and at any time of year not only Christmas, including the lyrics which will replay and replay in my head. I dont know why. Just one of those things. When we are inspired/moved by The Holy Spirit in some way, besides the great inner peace of the experience, deep down in our inner stillness we can understand what is being said to us, the message actually being conveyed.
Dont put too much stress and store on your experience, rather draw from it what you may and be grateful and thankful.


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