Instagram and copyright infringement?


I started a similar thread about this before, but I really need some answers because my OCD/scruplosity is killing me. I like to post pictures on instagram that I got off of google and facebook, they are mostly catholic and/or pro-life photos, and in the caption I usually put a Bible verse and/or some reflection to go with it in the caption where the comments section is, but recenty I have been worrying that i’m sinning because of it, the reason being that it would be copyright infringement, and I know we are to obey the laws of the nation we live in as long as it doesnt conflict with our faith, I really want to spread the faith on instagram, but now I don’t know how to do that without worrying, do I have to delete the photos and repent?

p.s. I also post other photos on their that are funny, and other photos of logos of the military and my favorite band, etc. but no where on my account do I say that it’s my photo or that I took the photo.


I don’t think that it is permitted to give legal advice on these forums, for risk of someone giving incorrect advice since we have people from all over the world and not everyone has studied U.S. law here. :stuck_out_tongue: Try making an account at the website below and ask your question there. Many lawyers and those well-versed in U.S. law can help you. They answer quickly and give clear answers for free.

As for the morality, until you’re 100% sure what you’re doing is okay, I’d stop using images found on Google and stick to legit websites that offer free images that are in the public domain, such as Wikimedia Commons. Also, if you’re really torn up about this, go to Confession, although I’m pretty sure you haven’t committed a mortal sin since you don’t even know whether or not what you’re doing is wrong.


There are many catholic pages that do this too, thanks for your help:)


Glad to be of service. :slight_smile: And I didn’t know there were Catholic pages that offered legal advice. I tend to stick to the Popular Media area. :stuck_out_tongue:


When I mentioned catholic pages I was actually talking about catholic pages on instagram that post pictures from google, not the legal advise. Sorry for the confusion haha.


Oh ok, no problem lol :slight_smile:


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