Instagram plagarism? do i have to delete the photos?

For those of you that are familiar with instagram, i like to post catholic pictures on my instagram account with a Bible verse and some other nice reflection on it for the caption, that i got off google or a facebook post that i found, is it sinful that i don’t cite where i got the photo from? if it is then it would probably be hard for me to cite the original, so do i have to delete what I cannot cite? or am i being scrupulous?

You’ll probably get different answers for this. But I’ll just say, as Christians, I think we generally should try our best to follow the rules of the country that we reside in, so long as it doesn’t conflict with our faith.

That said, I would try to always give credit where credit is due by citing the source. Imo, though, even without citing the source, I think what u are doing is still “fair use” (and thus, not illegal) since u are giving commentary on it, by adding a Bible verse and some reflections on it.

so I don’t have to delete the photos? if it’s not illegal that menas it’s not plagarism?

Wait, why would it be plagiarism? The only Internet copyrighted work that you’re using is a Google Image or a Facebook post image, right? If anything, it would actually be a copyright infringement. But based on what you’ve said, I think the commentary that you use with each image is “fair” enough (thus, not a copyright infringement), imo. But it’s debatable, of course.

Also, the only way to know for 100% certain that one is using something completely legally is to ask permission from the original owner of the images. Other than that, any copyright owner could take someone to court for using their material w/out permission. And it would be up to the court to decide just how “fair” the image was used. But as I said, I think you’re fine.

God bless! :slight_smile:

Oops, sorry, I didn’t mean to misinform u. :o

But you’re right, it would be plagiarism and ethically wrong if u didn’t site the source of the pic somewhere. From a legal standpoint, I think your fine as I said before. That said, I think if a person at least made a reasonable effort to track the original source (so u can give proper credit), and still couldn’t find it, then I probably wouldn’t worry about it (only for your case, though, since u aren’t doing some kind of a research paper or something, since to me, that would be different), unless it’s really bothering your conscience.

Also, u might already know this, but sometimes u can track the original source of a pic by dropping the image into Google Image. But yes, I know even then, there could be like dozens or hundreds of people all using the same image so it’s difficult to discern who’s the original owner of the pic. ^^;

Plagiarism would only apply if you are passing off the photos, Bible passages, and non-Biblical quotes you find on the internet as your own original work.

I have OCD/scruplosity, so it’s kinda hard to trust my conscience:(, but thanks :thumbsup:

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