Install/use on one computer EULAs - your experiences?

Well, I’ve just noticed that while I don’t see any problem with the idea of having a program or a game installed on two computers but using only one at a time (e.g. an online computer and an offline one, a laptop and a desktop etc), the literal reading of some EULAs prohibits this.

As a lawyer, I consider it grossly abusive that e.g. a child that wants to play a game on either an online computer or practice on an offline one (e.g. a shared online computer in the house), should be forced to pay for two copies of that game, even if he uses one at a time.

The problem is further made absurd by the fact that uninstalling on the one and installing on the other computer before each use would solve the problem with literal interpretations. So it would be all right if you uninstalled and reinstalled all the time, but not all right if you just used one at a time…

Why I’m asking is that I’m starting to experience a certain discomfort about this and feel bad about the idea of violating an EULA, even if it’s an absurd one. At the same time, just how much absurdity do we need to tolerate?

Any thoughts?

I wouldn’t worry about it. As far as I care, you pay for a program, you can use it. It’s not like you’re lending it someone.

Honestly, that’s my attitude too.

If you’re a lawyer why don’t you take it up w/ your brethren in the intellectual property bar? Or with our elected “representatives”? You’ll get a better response than the rest of us.

As for EULAs in general, I consider it ridiculous that you don’t eve know what they are until you’ve bought the product and are installing it. If there’s something you find truly noxious in the EULA you can’t return it for a refund at that point.

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