Installation Mass of HE, Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver, watch


I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

It’s being re-aired on EWTN right now …

THANK YOU for the link to the video! I’m actually watching this on EWTN right now, but I wanted a video I could watch later – AND the livestream video includes the earlier music and the procession of deacons, priests, bishops, and laity.

I was given the extraordinary gift of being invited to sing in this choir, and was overwhelmed by the beauty of this entire day (and the past three days’ rehearsals). The people, the music, the focus of time and energy on an event whose meaning can only be fully known in heaven. And then the beauty of today’s mass, and having the opportunity to connect with so many beloved priests and religious who were present all at the same time. It was a day of more beauty than the human heart can hold in this life.

Grace upon grace upon grace – I floated home this evening :smiley:

SO, just curious, what part of this surprised you and why?

Thanks again for the link!


Oh God, never mind, they troped the Agnus Dei. :open_mouth: That broke the camel’s back for me!

If you mean that we extended the Lamb of God until all the bishops had taken the Eucharist, you are correct. But no new words were added, just a repetition of “Lamb of God… have mercy on us” – we did it three times instead of two, then ended with the usual “grant us peace.” :shrug: The GIRM actually allows the Lamb of God to be extended for just such circumstances as this, in which a large number of bishops are present at a mass.

Nope, no troping there :thumbsup:

And not following you on the “camel’s back” thing. Golly, we’ve gone from “you’ll be pleasantly surprised” to “Oh never mind.” Well, humiliation is good for the soul.

Still glad you put the link, though.


The “Jesus” addition before the “Lamb of God” part. Although I see in the program that it was further troped with the “Bread of Life, Cup of Hope,” thing, but that wasn’t sung. I don’t mean the extension of the repetitions.

Are you serious? So your whole point of watching this mass was to see if it could stand up to your scrutiny? That is sad beyond belief.

Praying for you, kiddo.


Overall, quite nice. Atlas, tropes at the agnus dei, but lots of other good music.

I might be wrong, but I think I see a tabernacle veil! It must be (semi-) new, because it wasn’t there when I visited a couple years ago. too bad there wasn’t many cassocks for servers. When I visited, they did use cassocks.

I love the Christus Vincit as well! Not a fan of the clapping during the recessional though…along with the funky recessional order.

Boy, you two must get massive headaches watching every mass on the internet looking for those gnats. :onpatrol:

All your insinuations of our liberal and lazy ways aside, the mass was glorious! Aside from the importance of the proclamation itself, the extraordinary music and reverence – you could have heard a pin drop during the homily, after communion, and during other times of silence – it was such a rare joy to connect with former pastors and other friends. After the Archbishop was seated, a number of people were brought up to greet him. Among them was the Abbess of the Benedictine community at which I was a postulant and novice soooooo many years ago – back then, she was just “Sister”! I think she’s the fifth one in line, God bless her.

The joy was of heaven, not of earth. And I guess it would be impossible for someone outside the archdiocese to understand what it’s been like to lose so excellent a shepherd at Archbishop Chaput – there were many tears and a palpable, lingering sadness this time last year. And then to be blessed with a man of God like Archbishop Aquila! The only comparison I have is the “holding our breath” moments of prayer and fasting after the death of Blessed John Paul II – who is going to take his place? What will the next Pope be like? I remember hearing Raymond Arroyo comment immediately after the announcement of Cardinal Ratzinger’s name that “the Church is in good hands.” We felt the same way when the announcement came in May – our small part of the Church is in good hands!

So while you two children of God go on and on finding the specks in our eyes and trying to make all of us into uber liberal, ignorant, cafeteria-ists who are destroying the liturgy – I am still enjoying that tiny taste of heaven.

God bless, protect, and lead our new shepherd, Archbishop Aquila! May God make him a Saint!


ok, I should have said it was a very nice and reverent Mass, then those were a few very small things that could have been a little better. I was actually thinking that, and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t say it in the first place. :slight_smile: It looked very nice, and the music sounded very good.

Ohhh, yeah, the Sisters of St Walburga! :smiley: They were at my parish for years, before they moved north to get away from encroaching development.

Gertabelle, it must have been wonderful to see it in person.

God bless Archbishop Aquila! I agree, we are in good hands.

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