Institute for Creation Research

Has anyone heard of this group before?

If so, what are your thoughts about them?

Their website is

You’re having me on, or pulling my leg, or teasing surely?

If I’m not mistaken, I first heard about these folks in a book called “Weird Texas”.

'nuff said! :smiley:

They advocate young earth creationism (which means a 6000 year old earth and no evolution.) But evolution and Christianity are in fact compatible, so the ICR is redundant.

However, Christianity is NOT compatible with any version of Darwin’s theory that states that natural selection alone is the cause of human evolution. Harvard University has demonstrated that natural selection alone is false and yet many disingenuous or ignorant atheists and agnostics teach it anyway.

IMHO the ICR and similar organizations should dedicate itself to the task of demonstrating this rather than advocating unscientific young earth creation with spurious arguments.

I will concur that some of the “organizations” that promote “creation science” are doubtful in their mastery of “science.”

However, the existence of such organizations is not sufficient reason to smugly dismiss various theories of origins that are in disagreement with the currently popular theory of monophyletic evolution.

My husband and I do not accept the theory of monophyletic evolution. We converted to Catholicism from evangelical Protestantism in 2004, and have continued to accept the young earth theory as well as the theory of polyphyletic evolution. We believe that a lot of the natural occurrences that are currently explained by the theory of monophyletic evolution can be better explained by reference to the Great Flood

For many years, my husband, who holds a Master’s in Computer Science (from a secular university), has subscribed to a journal from Creation Ministries International Ltd.

The Journal is called Journal of Creation, and contains scientific articles with research and documentation.

Creation Ministries International Ltd. is controlled by Christians in the fields of education and science.

The website is

Perhaps some of you who are interested in this issue can check out Journal of Creation.

Considering all the vested interests surrounding evolution proponents and academic tenure, grants, etc., that website is no more or less credible than so many “scholarly” and “academic” sites. That’s the sad state of today’s grasp of knowledge.

I am not a fan of this website. I think it promotes “junk” science, the arguments given are not really valid. My revelation that the church is compatible with Evolution came when I was in high school, and my Priest reassured me this was true, as did the Catholic adults around me. I love science, and I think of Catholicism as a rational religion that reaffirms my love for God and science. I hope this input helps! :blush:

Perhaps you should look here. IDvolution Supporting Resources

The approach I was given was that God guided evolution to get us where we are today. The processes of Earth are all, of course, processes of God that he facilitated and conducted, like a beautiful symphony. I am not a fan of the IDVOLUTION website, by the way. In my opinion, this is not a black and white matter. But we are all entitled to our opinions, and are probably given different interpretations of some of these things by our spiritual leaders.

I’m with you; excellent post.

My SIL is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, has a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology, has been published in Science, Systematic Biology, Evolution, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, among other peer reviewed journals, all before the age of 30. He is completing a post-doc at the top institution in the world in his specialty, and has a faculty position awaiting him at a major university.

He is also a devout, practicing Catholic who says “evolution is God’s modus operandi”. Websites like the one cited by the OP, and Young Earth creationism make him shake his head in utter dismay.

None of that indicates truth. Some of the brightest scientists of all times endorsed Eugenics too. That post reeks of pride.

I am most certainly proud of him; he is an amazing and brilliant young man. I am particularly proud of his deep faith which he lives every day. It is Catholic scientists like him who show that faith and science are not incompatible.

Any attempt to draw a parallel between scientists who endorsed Eugenics and my thoroughly Catholic SIL is absurd and uncalled for.

I’m new to this forum but I’m pretty sure this concerns a banned topic. :okpeople:

Speaking about the Institute, I think Catholics should be open to it. Today, it is a secular mortal sin to deny the current biology textbook in any way.


Certainly there is reason to tread with caution. However, CAF consists of multiple forums and the ban on evolution topics seems to only apply to certain ones.

For some reason, the discussion of evolution tends to result in uncharitable comments from both sides of the debate. The ban of the discussion of this topic, as far as I can tell, have been put in place to allow emotions to calm down. As such, the bans are not permanent, and only apply to certain forums here at CAF. However, should the discussions in other forums turn for the worse, a temporary ban is a real possibility.

Creation Ministries International is a fantastic organization who uses science to demonstrate the truth of creation. The scientists involved in this ministry bring all the required pedigrees (Ph.Ds. in geology, biology, physics, etc.) and fully follow the proper scientific method to reach their conclusions. They also show that evolution is junk science, and really is nothing more than a philosophy, or preferred world view.
For those Catholics who claim that “evolution is God’s method” cannot hold to this position while maintaining the validity of God’s word as revealed in scripture and tradition. Why? For example, if evolution led up to Adam and Eve, then in the Garden of Eden, buried below Adam and Eve were millions of dead animals and plants, many of which were killed by other animals. However, Jesus affirmed that death came into the world through our sin, and the whole reason for his ministry was to save us from sin’s punishment of death. So, according to evolution death came into the world long before original sin. That of course diametrically opposes scripture and Jesus’ own words. Science and Catholicism are most definitely compatible, but evolution and Catholicism are not.
I also suggest viewing any of the 30-minute videos from Origins TV. These are brief and stunning video presentations by creation scientists using valid, proper science to demonstrate the truth of creation. Here is the link:

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