Institute of Christ the King Ordinations

Absolutely awe-inspiring! Check out the cappa :slight_smile:

Link to pictures:

It always gives me great joy to see new priests.

Praise God! How beautiful to see them prostrate so.

I almost cried when I got to the last page and saw the newly ordained Priests bless their families and friends…

What are the guys in the military/cop uniforms for?

Perhaps a ceremonial guard during the Ordination Mass. For example, the Noble Guard once found in Papal Masses:

Very moving :bighanky:

Absolutely beautiful.

I know :wink:

I spent quite a while going through the pictures at the ICRSS site. It sure brought back memories of previous years’ ordinations. I got all teary-eyed!

A lovely characteristic I’ve found with ICRSS is great solemnity and reverence during the sacred ceremonies, many smiles outside them, and quiet joy in both.

May they have a long, holy priesthood!

amsjj :slight_smile:

Jesus, God and man,
imprisoned by love in Thy most holy Sacrament,
have mercy upon us.
– Blessed John Henry Newman, December 22, 1851

Tú y yo sabemos por la fe que oculto en las especies sacramentales está Cristo,
ese Cristo con su Cuerpo, con su Sangre, con su Alma, y con su Divinidad,
prisonero de amor.
– San Josemaria Escriva, 1 junio 1974

I don’t like the millitary folks there. It clashes with the liturgy for me.

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