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We are considering moving closer to one of the ICKSP’s oratories, but have a question about them. If a new bishop came into a diocese that has one of their oratories and decides that he does not want them to say the TLM there anymore, can the bishop shut it down or deny permission for them to say the Latin Mass? Or once they have an oratory are they considered permanent?

Thank you!

Parishes and oratories can be merged, closed. However; that is usually because of a drastic change in the local population.

A new Bishop could ruin that community if he would like.

However, given the current climate in the Church and the fact that the tide is turning slowly, I think it is becoming more and more less likely that you would have something to worry about.

Especially if you move there and do all that you can to make the oratory a spiritual powerhouse in the Diocese.

So I say do it:thumbsup:

Thank you. We are praying very hard if that is the right course for us.

Good luck to you :thumbsup:

The ICRSS is a great organization. I have been looking into vocations with them.

Which oratory, if I may ask?

It’s important to not base a move on one thing like that.

A bad bishop can destroy a diocese much faster than a good one can build it up- but, as we have seen in Kansas City, a good bishop can bring about change very quickly too.

Thanks. We are looking at property around Wausau WI or Cashton WI.

Oh, that isn’t our only consideration, but a very important one for us. There are other factors as well, including being closer to family, and the ability to buy some affordable acreage. (Oh, and living somewhere it snows!) :smiley:

While your post was great, please be grammatical with: more and more less likely===less and less likely It made me shiver. I don’t like being pedantic, but I made an exception. :slight_smile:

The biggest issue in this case is if the Bishop is a strong liberal. If he is orthodox or moderate, I imagine there will be absolutely no problem. If he is a strong liberal, it could be bad. So pray for a strong, orthodox bishop.

The Institute are great. Hence why I will hopefully be soon entering their seminary :stuck_out_tongue:

I have son who lives in Wausau. He and his wife have tried several different parishes. His only comment to is that each parish seems to be staffed by priests from a different country. For example when we visited, the Mass the one parish was handled by a pair of Polish priests, one who said the Mass and one who preached the homily and did the Gospel reading. My son said there were priests of different nationalities ate the other parishes as well. It was an NO, but I didn’t pick up any abuses unless one might consider that most of the readers and distributers were women. Wausau is part of the La Crosse Diocese which recently got a new Bishop when Burke moved to St Louis. There does seem to be a diminishing number of priests in this neck of the Woods, Central and Northren WI.

Thanks for the info. It’s too bad that there is a diminishing number of priests in the area.

Since there is a job opening in my husband’s line of work in Wausau, this is where we’d like to go:

Don’t quote me on this, but I got the impression from some posts elsewhere that an oratory is different from a parish to the point that Abp. Burke’s conferral of oratories made it slightly harder for successors to alienate them (it would be a more complicated canonical procedure than simply revoking an indult). That’s just hearsay, though.

An Oratory does not have any boarders like a Parish does I believe.

I’m not too sure on the details though.

I’m all excited about the ICRSS right now- just got their vocations questionaire :smiley:

When they sent me their vocation information, I didn’t get the questionnaire. :frowning: Perhaps I’ll have to talk to them again.

I recieved the Vocations package months ago and have been talking with Msgr. Schmitz since then. He is just sending me the questionnaire now.

OK, that would make sense I suppose. Thanks for your response Caesar. (by the way, do you say your name with a hard C or a soft C)

Haha, soft ;). I do not use the classical pronounciation ;).

I figured that you wouldn’t. I have a friend who uses the classical, but I always use the soft c. :stuck_out_tongue:

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