Institute of the Good Shepherd

It should also be noted, on the recurring question in some of the threads here about indults, that the newly erected Institute of the Good Shepherd in France has been given the 1962 books as their “proper rite”, i.e., not indult.

“Enfin, aux membres de cet Institut, elle confère le droit de célébrer la liturgie sacrée, en utilisant, et vraiment comme leur rite propre, les livres liturgiques en vigueur en 1962, à savoir le missel romain, le rituel romain et le pontifical romain pour conférer les ordres, et aussi le droit de réciter l’office divin selon le bréviaire romain édité la même année.”

It should also be noted that the priests of the Institute, all from the SSPX, were not required to make a profession of Faith, be conditionally ordained, or “renounce their schism” – some or all of which would be necessary if the SSPX were, in fact, in error or schism.

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