Instrumental Hymns


In the Ordinary form, is there an allowance for a hymn to be payed instrumentally on an organ without the congregation or choir singing? Or must there be at least a few people or a cantor?

I’m asking because sometimes the line to receive Communion is longer than what “Sweet Sacrament, Divine” can cover and not everyone can sing in these moments.


I don’t know of any specific teachings, but many times the musicians at my parish will carry on playing without singing. :shrug:


Why would you think it would be forbidden?


From the General Instruction of the Roman Missal:

“86. While the Priest is receiving the Sacrament, the Communion Chant is begun, its purpose being to express the spiritual union of the communicants by means of the unity of their voices, to show gladness of heart, and to bring out more clearly the ‘communitarian’ character of the procession to receive the Eucharist. The singing is prolonged for as long as the Sacrament is being administered to the faithful.
However, if there is to be a hymn after Communion, the Communion Chant should be ended in a timely manner.
Care should be taken that singers, too, can receive Communion with ease.”


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