Instrusive/Blasphemous thoughts -- Help!


First of all I wanna say thank you to everyone who is taking there time to read this and if you respond or if not. So I was a very social kid when I was younger maybe 10-11 but I really only started to get into my faith this year which I am 13 currently. As soon as I started looking up videos going to Mass on Sundays and all of that I have been getting very blasphemous/ intrusive thoughts lately. These thoughts started maybe 5-6 months ago when I started to look into Catholicism more. These thoughts can be very silly and annoying to the point I just get tired of them and stop trying to fight them off. For a couple of days I learned that as long as I do not consent to them it wont be a sin. Every time I get them I either say a quick Our Father or Glory Be. I’m also very troubled by these thoughts daily and I wish them to stop. If you guys have any experiences or if you have gone through Scrupulosity or something else please comment down below and I would be glad to talk to you about it.

God Bless :smiley:


You should tell your parents what is going on. Perhaps they can mention this to your doctor.


As you are a minor, I can only point you in the direction of your parents and Priest. Talk to them about your scruples and intrusive thoughts. People who know you in real life will be much more help than (albeit well-meaning) strangers online.

I hope you can find some peace from your problems.


I spoke to my priest once about this and he suggested that it is very common and that even he had experienced it. It’s unfortunate and very irritating but God is merciful, patient and He loves you.

I also talked with a very devout Catholic who explained that once on going on retreat she had struggled with interfering thoughts but the second time she went she was fine.

In addition to talking to your parents about it I found praying to Our Lady about it helped too. I asked her for purity of mind and spirit and She helped me as She helps all.
God bless.


Thank you!


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