Insulin-producing pancreatic cells created from human skin cells


From ScienceDaily.



:thumbsup: that is amazing! good news for those suffering from diabetes.


It is good news also in that scientists can create generative cells from skin fibroblasts and therefore can work on replacement in other organs such as brain, lung and liver without using embryonic stem cells or fetal cells. I sincerely hope they will use their resources in this direction.


They are:



Don’t get too excited IPSCs tend to cause cancer


I’m sure there is more work to be done on implantations of adult stem cells and iPSC’s. However, fetal implantation is not perfect at this time either. Jon Palfreman, in his book Brain Storms, reports on experimental implantation of fetal tissue into Parkinson’s patients:

The under-sixty treatment group did get some improvement…but the value of this benefit was called into question when investigators found worrying evidence of adverse side effects: facial dystonias and dyskinesias. Unlike L-dopa induced dyskinesias…these dyskenisias were coming from the graft and were permanent. (Page 120).

Fetal/ embryonic transplants are “foreign” to the recipient and induce rejection so that anti-rejection drugs must be used which subject the patient to become vulnerable to infections. If work has to be done to improve on all these approaches, it might as well be on the moral ones.


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