Insulting Muslim video


This was a video-response on Youtube to my video of the Coronation of Pope Pius XII-

It is insulting and portrays the priest as an ignorant jerk while peddling Islamic anti-Trinitarian views in the Quran. Is this the Muslim evangelization- mudslinging and insults?


Wow… That is a horrible video and the condescending description is a slap in the face.


Ugh…one time I tried to search for Catholic video, and all that came up were Islamic videos or presentations of ex-Christians that became Muslim. They changed all the keywords for their videos to things like: saints, virgin mary, catholicism, eastern orthodox, christian, bible, baptist, jesus, etc. all for the reason that people will see their videos. It’s rather disgusting way of going about things, if I say so myself.

In Pax Christi,


Is that Clint Eastwood? If it is, is he Muslim? I never knew that, and for him to make such a despicable video, I lost a lot of respect for him.


You see how the Islamics attempt to pervert good Christians through their lies and insults?

Now they are even go to show a documentary on television that makes claims that Our Blessed Lord did not die on the cross and other blasphemies. :mad:

No, I dont think that is Clint Eastwood.


That was definitely Clint Eastwood. I think that video is a scene from a movie.

As an aside, since Christians don’t say God is one thrid of a Trinity, I guess we’re not pagans. The omnipotent god who dictated the Quran didn’t seem to have a good grasp on Christian doctrine…:rolleyes:


Oh, I didnt know that. What movie?


Looks to be the euthanasia movie, “Million Dollar Baby.” I didn’t see the movie, but I just looked it up and his character’s name is “Frankie” in it. I just perused some reviews, and just as I remembered when it came out, the priest is made out to look bad and easily stumped by questions of doctrine.

The Muslim who is using that video is fighting a total strawman.


When the priest started cussing I decided to stop.



“…are ya feelin’ lucky, infidel?”:stuck_out_tongue:


well…this is MY response to that nonsense video:

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