Insurance plan willing to cover suicide but not chemotherapy

An Orange County woman coping with a terminal illness tells a new documentary that her medical insurance company denied her critical chemotherapy treatments her doctors had recommended, but would cover life-ending drugs under California’s new assisted suicide law for just $1.20.

Welcome to Obamacare

Death panels? Remember that talk?

Now how could anybody have seen this coming. This is the natural consequence of euthanasia.

I would like to know the name of the insurance company, so we can confirm this story, and if true, avoid them. We are now in open enrollment season. There are enough pro-life people to give such a company its own death sentence, if they are willing to act on their beliefs.

Look st CMF Curo.

CURO does not support Euthenasia-rather, it is a risk sharing, Catholic oriented alternative.
You are welcome to explore:

“Compassion and Choice DENIED”

I would also like to know why they denied the chemotherapy drugs. Were they experimental in nature? There has to be a specific policy driven reason. The drugs to induce death that are covered are probably required by the state regulations in that state.

Thus, I doubt the insurance company just thought, “Hel let’s not pay this claim, she can participate in assisted suicide instead.”

Randy Stroup’s story from the 2011 film “How to die in Oregon”. “They will pay to kill me, but won’t pay to help me”…

While not yet widely known, rationing of care is built into the Affordable Care Act. We will be seeing more of this. Probably better disguised with Orwellian double speak, but with a broke government and them taking over healthcare, this will be common. Unfortunately.

Soylent Green anybody?:eek:

I would encourage anyone to do it who can. That might make it more tenable for people whose budgets it stretches. Unfortunately, they don’t cover pre-existing conditions like asthma, which both of us have. (Inhalers are overpriced.) We looked into it, and it was too much more expensive than our current plan. I will certainly keep looking into it periodically.

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