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Since we know that the USA is on moral decline and a town in California just integrated the bathrooms of a elementary school so boys and girls are using the bathroom together, what will happen when it becomes federal law and showers, bathrooms, dorms, beach changing areas are all integrated together. How will this effect us in everyday situations?


Chastity will be totally rejected by some, and impossible to cultivate for others. Sexual assault amongst children is already dramatically on the rise and integrated restrooms and changing/shower facilities will only hasten that. There will be greater persecution of Christians and any other groups/families who object to this arrangement of integrated facilities. And fear. Our children will experience a greater amount of fear in their day to day lives, no matter their religious background.

The only answer I see for those who object now is for objecting families to pull their children from the public schools and enroll the in a private school or homeschool them.


I predict more single stall bathrooms.


I hope so. They’re safer than large, multi-stall bathrooms.


I worry about where the money will come from.


It’s an agenda they’re trying to push on people. The majority of people in the US did not want same-sex marriage, and yet because of a few it is now federal law.

let’s not forget where in California this happened. San Francisco. The people there are much more different than people in San Diego and LA and a whole lot different than the rest of the US.

For now we just have to pray for those people, and do what we can to stop this agenda especially to protect our younger generations.


Sadly, I agree…


Praying this is put an end to before it can get worse…


I hope this does not become a “trend.”


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