Intelligent Design: Dover School Board/NOVA

NOVA recreated the trial pitting the Dover School Board, supporters of Intelligent Design, versus Darwinian evolution. The Catholic-oriented St. Thomas More Law Center defended the school board, forwarding Behe's Darwin's Black Box and Irreducible Complexity as opening up Intelligent Design as an option for balancing Darwin. Here's my sidebar.

Ed Conrad is a journalist and amateur paleontologist who found mammal bones in coal beds, Pennsylvania coal beds. Conrad presented a friend of the court amicus brief presenting his findings by way of supporting some venue for him to be able to present his evidence. Specimens included anomalously-preserved soft tissue, indicative of swift coverage in a medium as that preserving various bog people. So here's the point: Ed Conrad's finds show "Man is as Old as Coal" and blows out the time frame needed for pure Darwinian evolution, and once again, he has no place to get a fair hearing. Check out Ed Conrad's website here:

**NOVA is so sad, just another shill for false science & shutting down any other train of thought!

Nova & the University elites are just another example of deceptive half-truths cloaked in the "science" religion.

The Theory of Evolution within species is supported by science & the Catholic Church as God's plan.

Evolution that is intra-species, ie, man evolved from apes who evolved from..... is false, unproven & a weak theory at best. It unravels at it's core because there must always be a "first cause" as Aristotle described God.

No honest person can answer the question without recognizing a "first cause!"**

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


I live in Dover, PA and know that the "discussion" is not over, nor will it ever be, in the minds of many here. There is a church on every corner in this little town and they are packed mostly all day every Sunday and Wednesday evening.

There is a decided prejudice here against "bog people". :D

All these churches are protestant. I have to drive to York to attend Mass. There is not one Catholic Church in Dover. :(

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