Intelligent Design film shut down by museum

Lawsuit challenges censorship of debate over evolution

A decision at a popular museum in Los Angeles to shut down debate over Darwin's theory of evolution has prompted a lawsuit alleging officials violated the First Amendment rights of supporters of a documentary exploring Intelligent Design.

The lawsuit was filed by the American Freedom Alliance, which said the California Science Center inappropriately cancelled an event that was to feature films exploring both evolutionary theory and Intelligent Design.

Intelligent Design challenges the fundamental foundation of evolution, arguing the incredible complexities of life bear evidence of a designer.

The complaint alleges free speech rights violations occurred when the science facility abruptly reversed a decision to allow the showing of the films at the museum's IMAX Theater.

CSC officials did not respond to a WND e-mail request for comment.

Alliance officials said the program was balanced, since it included a pro-evolution film, but museum officials were fearful of having Intelligent Design discussed in any context.

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Just another example that confirms the fact that these "open minded intellectuals" are actually closed minded. It's their way or the highway!

By denying free speech & open discussion, they are damaging their credibility. Look at the recent flap over global warming data being manipulated to fit the theory.

*I though these "elite brights" were so superior, only using the scientific method to discern facts, even if the facts disprove their theory, not faith. Sounds like the 'global warming' crowd is a religion, not a scientific community. *

At least we "small minded, brainwashed, religious nuts" freely admit we base our beliefs on Faith & we welcome open discussion on any topic!!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


The opposition of liberals to censorship of unpopular views in the public arean is a good idea whose time has well come in the West. The only problem, is that they themselves censor views they do not agree with, which shows that they too betray such human weakness. I wish that they were able to recognize this in themselves.

Fr. Richard Neuhaus wrote about this several years ago:

The Disenchanted World
Of course, it is true that many people will reject the proposal, and many will simply refuse to be engaged by it. They simply know that, no matter how winsomely proposed, the conversation with Christianity is but a cunningly disguised threat of imposition on their freedom. Their default position, so to speak, is one of methodological, if not metaphysical, atheism. Any reference to God or transcendent truth, any proposal associated with religion, and especially any proposal associated with Christianity is a threat to the autonomous self and to the achievements of a rigorously secularist modernity. They live in what Max Weber called “a disenchanted world,” and they are determined to keep it that way.

This is a mindset powerfully influential in our culture. Karl Marx spoke of those who control the commanding heights of economies, and so we may speak of those who control the commanding heights of culture. Even though they may be a minority of the population, they succeed in presenting themselves as “the mainstream” through their control of powerful institutions in the media, in entertainment, in the arbitration of literary tastes, in the great research universities and professional associations, and in the worlds of business and advertising that seek the approval of those who control the commanding heights of culture.

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Based on a lecture delivered at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama, the late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus spoke to the relation of the Church to culture.


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