Intelligent monkey








But if we acknowledge their intelligence we might have to also acknowledge their feelings and that might make us feel guilty about how we treat them.


I don’t feel guilty.


I dont understand

Are people saying animals cannot be intelligent?


Many of the most intelligent animals are also social animals which behave in significant ways like humans. Their behavior suggests, among other things, that they can love others of their kind, and even members of other species (including humans). Considering that our greatest commandment is to love, this behavior of animals should compel us to be more respectful of animals and treat them humanely.


Well, sometimes you gotta kill animals or use them for medical research. So long as there’s a good reason, I don’t care.


I certainly deplore the fact these animals have been used at times in questionable and immoral ways by humans. I feel strongly about that , as I do with regards to animal testing and other related issues. I am not an advocate of equal rights for primates as compared to humans but I do believe the conditions many primates and other animals are housed in are unpleasant and insult our own dignity as humans as well as the animal’s as a creation of God.


Pretty smart guy.


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