Intensive Spanish language program pre-seminary?

Hi, I will likely be entering the seminary next fall, God-willing, but in the meantime I am going to have substantial free time in which to work/study, etc. I have some experience with Spanish, really a basic conversational proficiency (actually that is being generous), and it occurred to me that one of the best things I could do in the time that I have is to really learn Spanish well.

Does anyone know of a program, ideally one involving seminarians or men preparing for seminary, that teaches Spanish in the context of total immersion-- either in the US or abroad?



Just to start off, I would check with your diocese or religious order. The reason I say this is several dioceses want seminarians to know Spanish before ordination. Other dioceses highly recommend knowing Spanish.

One seminarian from the Diocese of Amarillo told me, “no espanol, no ordinacion.”

Here’s a few suggestions:

  1. Attend a Spanish Mass (or bilingual Mass) once a month or so. That will help you learn some of the prayers (oraciones en espanol) in Spanish. Personally, an all Spanish Mass still goes a little too fast for me (even with a translated missalete), but I’m comfortable con oraciones en espanol en la misa de bilingual.

  2. Consider enrolling in a conversational Spanish class at a local community college.

  3. You could try “Rosetta Stone”.

  4. If you will be a college seminarian, Spanish may be a requirement in the college division.

I will also add that since Spanish is Latin-based, Spanish will help you with Latin, and vice-versa. I noticed this on a few occasions when I attended the Traditional Latin Mass.

Hope this is a good start.

Buena Suerte.

Well, besides taking a class, I’d find a Spanish Mass and a Parish with an Hispanic Pastor, I’d find out where I could volunteer and work with immigrants or others in the Spanish-speaking community. Go forth young man and immerse thyself!!!

Wonderful idea, good luck and God bless.

Research the Summer Language Program at Middlebury College in Vermont. It ain’t cheap, but you would come out of there with some serious Spanish.

(I went thru the Arabic program at Middlebury in the summer of 1996. It was tough, but worth it. Especially since the agency I was working for paid for it :smiley: )

COngratualtions on this Holy Desire!!


May the SACRED HEART make You a Priest and Saint for Our Church!!

As for the Program, I have taken a spanish course as well, I also hope to go onto Seminary, and Also hope to study the language further…

I know this wasn’t much help, but may the SACRED HEART bless you all the same!!!

Fratere Tuus in CORDE JESU

Frenki Fehervari

I have been told by several spanish teachers that Rosetta Stone is the best software for learning a different language. As others noted, attend Masses that are celebrated in spanish and watch spanish TV. Do you know any spanish speakers? If so, arrange to hang out with them and make it a rule that only spanish is spoken, especially at those times you don’t know how to respond or what was said.

God bless you for opening your heart to the call of the Lord!



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