Intention to Make Reparations

So, I got myself into a sticky situation. I committed a mortal sin, and it had grave consequences to not just myself, but my community as well. I, through God’s patience and persistence, have come to realize the extent of my sin, and have been dealing with intense sorrow for my actions. I went to confession a few weeks ago, and confessed my sin. The priest did not mention making reparations (in the sense of admitting my wrong and trying to repair relationships), but I felt I needed to, and the Catechism confirmed my feeling. However, things are complicated, and I made a resolve to make full reparations a year from now when my situation has changed. My question is this: is having the intention to make reparations acceptable? Does God forgive me now, or only when I have made reparations? I fear that I am having a lack of faith in God that he will take care of me and protect me from the harm that may come by my making reparations now, but even more so, that I am somehow still in a state of mortal sin. I know this is very vague, and I hope this is clear enough. Thanks for your time.

Go back and talk to the priest you confessed your sin to about this. He will best be able to direct you. I don’t want to give you false information with my suggestions, so I really think that’s the best thing you can do :slight_smile:

You went to confession and received the Sacrament of Confession with absolution. Did you complete your penance? You are not in a state of mortal sin for this specific sin. It is forgiven and all your sins you confessed are absolved.

You probably are feeling guilt.

RoseMary131- I completed my penance the priest gave me. Do you think that somehow my failure to tell those I injured is causing me to be in mortal sin not for the original wrong, but for failure to tell those? I suppose that is my concern. I am not skilled on using words clearly…

StMonicaGuideMe- I am beginning to think more about finding a spiritual advisor. I think talking about this with a spiritual advisor who is removed from the situation will help me better know whether to take action now or in time, and if I am to take action now, hopefully my spiritual advisor will be able to guide me through the process.

I don’t think you are in mortal sin.

You sinned.

You confessed your sins in the Sacrament of Confession. Received absolution in Confession. You completed the penance the priest gave you. That meant you were in a state of grace.

Your sins were absolved/removed in the Sacrament of Penance. It is good to make amends for sins if possible, however, your sins have been certainly forgiven. :slight_smile:

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