Intentional Nursing Home Starvation choice-Is this suicide?

I will pray for your mother’s soul.

If I understand it correctly, you are now in possession of your mother’s ashes but because of financial reasons you are unable to afford the expense of burial or interment of your mother’s ashes?

If this is the case, I would reach out to the Catholic cemetery in your area or your Diocese to see if they can provide assistance with burial/interment.Often times there are programs to help those in financial need bury their loved ones. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your mother’s death, burying the dead is a corporal work of mercy. Your diocese should be able to help.


The scenario in the OP is suicide.

And there are people who do this.

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When this happens to the elderly in nursing homes, it is legal to just allow them to slowly die of multi organ failure? Do they have a right to die like this and the staff not be held responsible because the patient made an informed decision?

@Tis_Bearself do you know how I can obtain her medical records from the facility?

Patients in their right mind can’t be forced to accept any medical procedure, including a nasogastric tube. In the hospital, as long as a patient is oriented, nobody can force them to do anything, even if that procedure can save their life. Nursing homes are considered a person’s home, and they can eat whatever they want (or not) as they like, regardless of whatever diet is recommended to them by a doctor.


Yeah, if she didn’t have a diagnosis or court order of being incapable of making her own health decisions due to dementia, psychosis, being in a coma etc then it’s what CoffeeFanatic said. You said she was still able to communicate and make decisions so she was able to refuse treatment she didn’t want. The staff can’t give it to her if she refuses.

I am sorry.
May she rest in peace.


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