Intentions for Fasting

Hello CatholicAnswers community,

I have decided to undertake a bread-and-water fast Tuesday for a particular intention of mine, and I normally don’t mention my fasts, for humility’s sake, but I figured I would ask if there are any other intentions that you would like me to offer this up for.

You can either post below or PM me to indicate your intention.

Pray for me,

Benedicat Deus,

Good luck. Do your think you could pray for my father, who is very sick, and the person who gave him his kidney?

Thank you. I will keep you in my prayers.

Yes, I’ll offer this fast for your father as well. I want to mention to all posters that I’m not responding individually to all of you, however many of you respond, but I’ll certainly keep them in my intentions. Don’t think I’m forgetting you.

Benedicat Deus

If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you also include my father’s soul, since he passed away recently?

Pax Christi!

As one who occaisionally fasts, I applaud you and will pray for you.

ClearWater, I will pray for your father.

God bless all concerned.

Please pray for healing and health. Got a lot going on in our family right now and it’s overwhelming. Thank you in advance

Please pray for my husband’s immigration status, and a job for him. Thank you so much, and I will in turn pray for you. God Bless you!

May I include the conversion of my brother?

Thank you.

God bless you for your kindness :slight_smile: I will include you in my intentions when I pray Vespers this evening, as well as in all my prayers on Tuesday.

Please remember The Husband and our marriage during your fast. Oh, and our priest (who is also my boss).

Thank you!

Please pray for all in the religious life especially our priests.

Please pray for my daughter and her family’s conversion.

Thank you for doing this. Please pray for a family member L, for her healing and conversion from emotional, mental, and personality disorders, that she stop bullying others, stop being manipulative and selfish, stop acting like the victim when she’s not.

I pray for you and your intentions at daily Mass.

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