Intentions Question


Here’s a silly question that I want to ask some advice on.

Say I do the Rosary, or… the Liturgy of the Hours, or… some other type of devotion.

Is it “OK” to have more than one intention per devotion?

For example, for the rosary, I will typically have one intention for each set of Mysteries (I have this odd feeling that praying is like a store… you buy one thing, you get one thing, haha!). Is it proper/right/ok to have multiple intentions?

What do you all think? Or, what do you do, regarding the number of intentions per devotion/prayer?

Thanks much!


Yes it is okay with the Rosary. Not sure about other devotions like the Liturgy of the Hours, but with the Rosary, it is okay. You could have a different intention for each prayer of the Rosary and for the whole Rosary :wink:


Let the Holy Spirit guide you. If He is placing an intention on your heart to pray for, why would you resist?

No prayer is ever wasted. God will take care of the accounting and apply your prayers wherever they are needed most.


Speaking only for the Rosary, I believe it’s okay to have multiple intentions. I offer every single Rosary I say for an end to abortion and for the souls of the innocent murdered through abortion. That will never change. But I always add other intentions; for my daughter’s purity and spiritual growth, for my marriage, or any special thing that has popped up (like a friend’s illness or for a newly married couple).

I haven’t offered one for CA tho!! Good heavens! I must do that next!!!

Blessings to all!!



Hi Andy :wave:

I have an assortment of intentions. Some of them are “daily” intentions. They never change. And then, I have “special” intentions, for each day.

I have them written down on index cards. And I apply them to all the prayers, I say during the day.

Hope this helps. God bless.


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