Inter- Faith marriage

How to deal with a situation where is love, a family, kids that I don’t want to grow up without Dad, but she is Protestant very sure of her faith, for me a lit of bit confused, nice women, responsible, a perfect wife and mother, we have been trough for a lot, she recognized her mistakes and I recognized mine, and want to work it out for god, we are planning to get married an a civil ceremony, but the differences about beliefs are always going to be there, and we already know which are those, Eucharist, Pope, Bible only, Mary etc… did this marriage sounds crazy to you all?

If you are not already married and do not already have children with this woman, you should seek counsel from your pastor. Such a marriage is not advised. Your post is a little confusing, do you already have children together?

I second this advise!

Yes I have a 3 Year Old son, who was so happy when dad came home, I was away for more then a Month, also i have a Daughter from a Previous marriage, same with her, she have a son

make an appointment to talk to your pastor for counseling on marriage.

Well I Did, My Priest told me that If I was happy it was OK, also I told me that it was very important to provide the kids a Home, where everybody was going to put effort to make it work, Yes, he told me that a civil marriage is not valid for the church, but he also understand that convince her to married at my church would be impossible, I hope one day I can do that,
I need a lot of prayers, for my Home, My Family

Since she is not Catholic, your priest should work with you to receive the proper permissions to marry according to Church law including a dispensation to marry her in a civil ceremony.

You have my prayers…
Best wishes with everything.

Amo, you have a real problem.

Not only with your current spiritual situation but also with your priest. He has essentially told you to “be happy” and go ahead and live in sin. (?)

Based on what I understand from your original question, I think it would be better if you embraced Protestantism. She would be more at ease and if you both lived as good protestants, attend regular services, follow scripture, and raise the kids accordingly…who knows maybe down the line…when you all see the Light…your whole family could reconcile with the Church.

Think about it…

In the meantime, you are seriously in my prayers.

Asking a Catholic to embrasse Protestantism is NOT a good idea.

I’m in an intra-faith marriage. My wife is Jewish. Needless to say, our differences are much greater than Catholic vs Protestant.

If you were not previously married, then work with your priest to receive a Dispensation so you can marry outside the Church and still have your marriage valid.

Good luck and God Bless

I have not Intention on Became protestant, also I want to save my family, I want my son tho grow up with his dad, I was married before but it was also a civil marriage,and I divorce for a really extreme situation, I don’t know if this is a problem, or maybe a challenge of my faith, right now i can say no, i will not marry you, and keep with my life, I’m sure if I live my house again i will broke my son heart, and also my heart will be broken, I know I have to love God more then Anything even my son, but I know also God is Love and he don’t want to see a family separated because a church, Even more when We Love Jesus, i Just want to know if someone is in my shoes or Have been in this situation and How they handle this.

Listen to your priest carefully.

You have my prayers. :gopray:

you need to please god first and foremost.

it will not please him if you do something extremely sinful.

is this woman the mother of your son? or is it from the previous marriage?

since you have both been previously married, you need to sort that out too. you would need decrees of nullity.

after that, you may get a dispensation to marry outside the church.

also interfaith marriages are extremely difficult. it will be confusing for your children in the long run.

not impossible, but there are definitely serious challenges.

god bless

yes she is the mother of my son

Why not? Protestants are not evil. They simply succumbed to a schism. They’ll be back some day.

Why is that? Jesus was Jewish.

I don’t think a dispensation would work in this case…too many impediments.

Unless they are messianic Jews, Judaism reject Jesus as Son of God therefore there is a huge difference between Jewish vs Catholic as opposed to Catholic vs Protestant

When will you become Catholic…?

This gets better all the time.

You were married before. A civil wedding that ended in divorce. That is both a problem and a challenge to your faith. Now you want to marry again…outside the Church (?)

If “We Love Jesus”…you would keep His commandments.

We Catholics may be the “People of God” but we consider the Jews to be “God’s Chosen People”

We share the same God of Abraham.

And Jews may reject Jesus but protestants reject the pope.

I think we have more in common than differences.

It really amazes me to see how 2 people who apparently love each other are willing to spend the rest of their only finite lives together worrying about belief no one can prove. At least you both believe God loves and Jesus saves. That should be enough to agree upon as everything else is tradition, interpolations, contextual, here say and forged. I was a Catholic, married a born again which forced me to read the bible and this led me to unbelief. I would worry about the kids. Personally, I prefer my offspring be raised Christian rather than no religion. The default position in this country is to have a belief in a deity and Christianity is most common. They will be able to fit in social norms, develop friendships and enjoy being part of a large group that share a common belief rather than risk stressful situations by being told they will go to hell and then having to defend themselves and/or be ostracized for not having a belief. When younger, they do not have the courage to be a contrarian nor the maturity to understand science, philosophy and why other people on this plant have different beliefs. If they come to know The Lord on their own after reading the entire Bible, understand logic, philosophy and science, have good reason for their beliefs, and develop a personal relationship with God that provides them with morality that fits into today’s secular society, then good for them. They will then be a minority in the majority. As far as you two, grow up, look at reality and enjoy this relativity short life we have. Good luck.

Muslims share Abraham (Abrahamic religion as the term goes) but I wouldn’t say my Christian faith has much in common with Islam.

Most Christians accept Jews as Gods chosen people but they are not Christians which is quite a fundamental difference. Protestants reject the pope but they are still Christians. I think rejecting Jesus is the bigger difference. If my (at least trying to) understanding of papal infallibility is correct the pope is only infallible when speaking ex cathedra and is as likely to sin as anyone else.

Anyway this is completely off topic for the thread…apologies to OP

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