Intercession of St. Philomena

Where does one wear the cord?

Can one wear it as a necklace? bracelet?

Does anyone here have a devotion to St. Philomena and use this sacramental on a daily basis?

Has anyone experienced the intercession of St. Philomena?

I’m looking into her as a Patroness but still want to see if she’s right for me with the issues that I’m dealing with… so far it seems that I might just start asking for her intercession…

Interested in other responses. I just started a novena to St Philomena.

St. Philomena is definitely my best friend…she has helped in so many ways, through so many things…I’m so blessed she found me!!!

I love her!

The cord is worn around the waist like a belt.
The shrine in Italy at one time did offer a bracelet cord but I don’t know if they still do.
St. Philomena has helped me a great deal. She’s a great saint.

Not to act like I’d be ashamed…

But one who works or is in school do they still wear it or carry it with them?

I’m still not sure what one does with the Cord…:shrug:

Perhaps you should vist . You can find everything about St. Philomena there. Look under the “DEVOTION” section and click on “Honoring St. Philomena” It tells about the cord.

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