Intercession to Mother Mary and the Saints

Someone questioned me on the Catholic belief in the intercession of Mother Mary and the Saints in heaven. His point was the dead to not praise God and once the saints died, their role would end there. Can you enlighten me on the basis of our faith that the saints intercede for us. I do believe but unable to convince without the basis for our faith, with scriptural references.

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I believe that when a person dies they can no longer do anything but to wait for the Judgement day, so in the case of the saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary they cannot pray for us because they no longer have those abilities. We can look at them as Christian role models, but to pray to them is something I disagree, for Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the light. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6). It is not a suggestion but a command from Him, so why ask the saints and Blessed Virgin Mary when Our Lord Jesus Christ told us through the scriptures that He is the way to the Father? Jesus Christ also said, “If you ask anything in MY NAME, i will do it” (John 14:14). If you pray in the name of Jesus Christ, He will do it, so we do not really need the intercession of the saints and the Blesses Virgin Mary, for Jesus Christ is our intercessor and mediator to God the Father.

Laudater Jesus Christus
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It is amazing that someone posted this question here in this forum.

It is proof that the true Catholic Faith is being seen as “Traditional” and the “Ordinary” does not include these “traditional” things such as Intercession of the Saints. I may add also other things such as confessing your sins to a priest and belief in Purgatory and Hell, which is MANDATORY for ALL Catholics to believe under penalty of Excommunication Ipso-Facto.


If you are a Catholic you must now go to Confession for denying the FACT of the Intercession of the Saints- an article of faith.

And you are wrong, taking those verses of Scripture out of context. Please click the link below and begin your journey home. You must remove the errors of Calvin and Zwingli for their teachings are new and foreign to Christianity in this regard.

Your objections are new to Christianity indeed as proven by all of Sacred Tradition, which we hold true as St. Paul had commanded us to.


You missed the point, St. Paul was not referring to the dead saints but to those who are alive, and St. John’s book of Apocalypse refers to the future events that will happen.

Laudater Jesus Christus
Instaurare omnia in Christo

Seems you have been taught some erroneous things - I encourage you to learn what the Church (and hence the Bible) really teach. Apparently, the Good Lord gave us more than you currently know - and anything the Lord gives us (such as the intercession of the saints in heaven), is for our own good and for our very salvation.

Peace in Christ,


(By the way, this post doesn’t seem to fit with your other posts - did someone at home sneak onto your computer and post under your name. I’m perplexed!)

Hello my Protestant brother,

You deceive us with your use of Latin in your user name and posts. Hopefully you repent of your errors and will be among the “great cloud of witnesses” offering prayers to God on behalf of the following generations. Until then though, you’ll be in my prayers.

The communion of the saints in heaven and on earth is intrinsic to the Traditional Latin Mass. You must be so very confused if you cannot see how the intercession of the saints is therefore possible.

Peace and good day.

Ad Deum.

Your profile says “Orthodox Catholic Christian”, yet your beliefs are not “Orthodox” or “Catholic”. By the way, not all the events in Apocalypse are future events, and many of the prophecies in there have multiple meanings.

Also, the Saints in heaven are not “dead”. They are as alive as you and me. Heaven exists out of time, did you not know that? The existance of Heaven outside the realm of time shows many possibilities now doesn’t it?

Anyway YOU missed the point. The FACT that living Christians can pray for others shows YOU are missinterpreting and most likely missunderstanding the “one mediator” meaning in Scripture when you apply it to the intercession of the Saints.

I would like you to show me evidence of people, like yourself and others who arose in the 16’th century, who wrote against the “Intercession of the Saints in Heaven” when it was going on since the first century- just a few quotes would suffice - of Christians complaining against the practice- there should be evidence showing that we should not pray to Saints who have died.


To not believe in the Saints interceeding in heaven for you is a denial of an article of the Faith, specifically in one of the oldest Creeds- the Apostles Creed.

“I believe in the Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints, the Ressurection of the Body and Life Everlasting.”

The “Communion of Saints”- to say that expresses belief that DEAD SAINTS CAN PRAY FOR YOU, that they are before the throne of God offering our prayers.


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