Intercessions in Evening Prayer

As those of you who pray the Liturgy of the Hours know, Morning and Evening Prayer have intercessions near the end, and we can add particular intentions to the ones listed. In a previous thread I asked if there were times when you all took time to think of all the needs of the world that you could. Does anyone here who prays Evening Prayer do that – add any general intentions not listed for that day? Like if the intentions for a given day don’t list, for example, the dying, the end to abortion, peace, the poor, etc. would you add them plus anything else not listed?

I will usually add an intention in if there is something that I feel I should pray about for that particular day. I usually do that when I am praying by myself. Often when I’m praying with a group, the leader will just say for these and all the prayers we hold in the silence of our hearts we pray “Our Father…”


I always add intentions, esp. for my individual family members, my patients (I work in an alcohol & drug rehab), for the non-believers, and many other intentions. Also we pray evening paryer, from the LOH at my church, durring Holy Hour the first Wed. of every month; and we always add personal intentions.

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