Intercessory Prayer


We all pray to Mary and our favorite saints for intercession now and again. But, I’m curious, is it OK to pray to other people. For example, if I had a family member that passes away and was a very saintly person, would it be OK to pray to her for help?

Thanks in advance.


Of course.

After Death, we all become saints. Some are just more known; they have “press coverage”. :wink:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood


Well, we don’t ALL become saints - only the ones who make it to heaven. But we can ask our dear departed ones to pray for us from wherever they are. In fact, that’s part of the canonization process. People ask favors through the intercession of the person whose cause for sainthood is being advanced and report them when they receive them. Surely that works with the less famous as well. Just don’t forget to pray FOR them, too.



The bottom line is that we don’t know where our loved ones who have already died have gone to. We hope they are saved but we don’t know.
If any of our loved ones are in Hell then they cannot pray for us and our prayers cannot help anyone in Hell.


I guess I’m really asking if it is wrong to pray to someone who has not be recognized by the Church (blessed, saint, etc.).


This soul may be in Purgatory and the most loving thing you can do for them is to offer up Masses and pray for them. The souls in Purgatory long for Heaven. You can still ask them to pray for you. These are beautiful gestures.


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