Intercessory Prayers at Kennedy Funeral

I viewed the funeral on Saturday and felt quite moved. In listening to talk radio this afternoon, I listened again to intercessory prayers by Ted’s grandchildren. They seemed very partisan politcal to me the second time around. Anyone else have a problem with that? Wouldnt the presiding priest have to OK prior to Funeral Mass?:confused:

Could you quote the prayer?

The General Intercessions (Prayers of the Faithful) were taken from Ted Kennedy’s speeches. Just the idea that someone’s political speeches would be used to formulate the General Intercessions at a funeral, made me gag.

Kennedy’s grandson offered first intercessory prayer as follows (in part): " … the cause of his life as he said so often, in every part of this land that every American will have decent quality healthcare as a fundamental right and not a privelege."

I don’t feel that there is anything wrong with the sentiment essentially. The error was in judgement to include the issue in a solemn funeral Mass when it is such a political hot button at this time. Most of the populace feels that healthcare does need reform. The vehement disagreement comes in the issue of reforming it to fit the desires of most Americans or to completely dismantle it.
Personally, I wish that the family had left that issue out of this service.

Prayers were about Univeral Health Care as a right for all. I guess anyone can pray for those things anytime. I guess I am wondering since petitions were so political in nature were they appropriate for the funeral?

if the funeral mass had not been televised, perhaps the intercessory prayers would have been different.

i also wanted to gag. who did they think they were fooling?

They fool only the other cafeteria Catholics, sorry but that is my opinion. I will pray for all of them.

Its a wonder that they didn’t pray for every woman to received a tax payer funded abortion, if she desires. That was also part of Kennedys agenda. It will also be written into the healthcare bill under the disguise of womens health care. The US Bishops have came out against the healthcare bill because of abortions.

good point.

Each day I pray for Ted Kennedy’s soul, that he might soon be released from Purgatory. At the same time, I ask the Ted Kennedy pray for me, that I might cling to my Catholicism in times of tragedy and peril as he did to his.

Last post was well said. Ultimately Ted very well may have had a well formed conscience he struggled with. I only wish other Catholic polititians would put their faith in action way before their death!

Funeral of Kennedy - Prayers of the Faithful:

around 2:00

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