Interest in Carrying A Concealed Weapon is Up

Interest in Carrying A Concealed Weapon is Up

Concealed handgun permit applications have been flooding the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office. There has been a steady increase in the number of applications since fall 2008 and there’s no sign of it stopping any time soon, authorities say…

Here in Indiana we have the 2nd highest rate of people in the nation who have licenses to carry handguns, yet I see constant interest from people in obtaining their very first gun, and also obtaining a permit to carry a gun.

I was talking to an accountant just last week, a professional man in his 50’s. He just purchased his first handgun. He also was in the process of getting a carry license.

A 22 year old college girl was asking me recently about how to obtain a carry permit and how to find a reasonably priced handgun. She attends college and she also works as a clerk in a retail store, often working the evening shift alone.

People are afraid of many things. Many seem to worry that Obama will prevent them from getting guns in the future so they are buying one now. Many are worried that as unemployment rates climb that violent crime will also increase. Many have said they finally realized that the police simply can’t protect them and they want to take responsibility for their own protection. They reasons are as varied as the people I talk with but there is no question that people are clamoring for handgun carry permits. It used to take a couple weeks to get one in Indiana, now the process takes up to 3 months because the state police are backlogged under a mountain of applications.

I can see why this is the case. I’m afraid to go to shoping malls during the holidays. I’m sure there will be shootings because people who have been laid off becoming enraged during the holidays. While I support assult weapons bans, I believe it is sane to allow concealed weapons to be carried by law obeaying citizens.

In Texas also the CHL applications have gone way up and the State is back logged. I work with a young lady and as soon as she turns twenty one she’s going for her CHL.

Well Matt I have to disagree with you on the assault weapons ban thing.

The problem with assault weapons ban is what is an assault weapon? You have politicians classifying assault weapons and they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. An M16A2 is semi/full automatic weapon .223 caliber, it can have a twenty or thirty round magazine. This with the M4 is widely used by our military and police.

Today I can buy an AR15 semi automatic weapon .223 caliber with twenty or thirty round magazine.

When I was a boy I had a hunting rifle semi automatic .22 caliber that held twenty rounds of ammo no magazine.

Now they would ban the AR15. However that AR15 and that hunting rifle are basically the same weapon. They would not ban the hunting rifle.

When we had the assault weapons ban the MAC-10 was on the list. All the company did was remove the flash suppressor and rename the weapon AB-10 [After Ban] and resold them in stores.

All the so called assault weapons ban did was make politicians and the anti-gun crowd feel good. Also what it did was jack up the prices of guns. Back then you could buy an AR15 for $500 bucks now they are around $1500 bucks.

The problem is most people think its good thing but the general public really doesn’t know how useless it is. It’s just another liberal make me feel good law.

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