Interest Poll: Who would be interested in a CAF Bible study?


I was just thinking that we could open a thread on a book of the Bible and all of us read it and discuss it on the thread. We can get the mods to close the thread when we finish that books an open a new one on a different book. There could even be several such threads at one time for different books that people might be interested in.

Different translations will be okay (so long as they’re Catholic. :smiley: ) and might even add to the understanding we get from it.

It might also be a good way to get newbs into reading the Bible along the way.

I’d like to start off with something short, like James and then go from there.

Please vote accordingly and bear in mind that it’s public and multiple choice.
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.


I did not pick a particular book because I have read the Bible all the way through in many different translations, and I have also covered many of the books in my parish Bible study. I would probably suggest one of the synoptic Gospels to start, since the Gospels are foundational to the faith; but I would be willing to participate in a study of any book of the Old Testament or New Testament.


Cool…so let’s see where this goes.


It sounds like fun, but I have the attention span of a gnat. I am seriously considering getting tested for ADD.

I hope it gets going, but at this point in my life, I can’t be an instigator. I will join in from time to time, though, I think.


I would love to start with the books the others removed from their bibles and how they relate to our Catholic Faith.


I like this idea.


I would like to be part of it.
My suggestion would be to keep the focus positive. Not sure just how to word this, but sometimes the constant debate/arguing that’s part of apologetics gets very tiring. Is it possible for it to have its own forum and not be part of the Apologetics forum?



Maybe this should be suggested on the suggest new ideas forum.


I’m in!

Happy to do the book of James or any other blessed book of the Bible :yup:


I am very interested in Scripture study online. Got a couple of questions though.

  1. If there is a lot of interest and we go ahead with it, how do we work out the logistics?
    -study at particular time of day
    -size of group
  2. How do we keep up with each other’s study so we’re all on the same page?
  3. who will lead and facilitate?

as you can see I’m fairly new to the mechanics of online study, so any help/suggestions are apreciated.
God bless!
Maria Rose



You might want to consider the Gospels with you either leading the study or co-leading the study.

I’m suggesting this because you’ve read the entire Bible and recently. I’ve read it through, but not so recently. And, Most of the Scripture Reading I’ve done since coming back has either been reading the reading for the Mass or for this Forum (or Christian Underground before it).

It also doesn’t help that I’m still an Anglican, and some of the Catholics here might not want me as the leader.

I hope this makes sense.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael


This is a great idea.

If it doesn’t work out here, however, you’re more than welcome over at my place, linked below. :slight_smile:


Would there repeat threads for those who can’t make it to the forum with questions on the Catholic perspective on certain scriptures? That is if they are locked.


just posting so I’ll be able to be notified when we start. great idea church militant, I always enjoy reading your posts. I promised myself I would be doing more bible study during lent anyhow.


Awesome idea - I’m in and suggest the Catholic Scripture Study from Catholic Exchange. I think ??? it can be accessed via email so all of us, though dispersed wherever, can have access to the same study. Just an idea!!


While starting with one book is nice, I would think that, since Lent is starting, the Passion narratives would be an idea. When I was in the Philadelphia area, we did those between Advent and Lent since we another program based on the Sunday reading during Lent.


My recent study in the schisms of the church led me into researching Orthodoxy, and I ended up in the book of James. This would suit me fine!


How interesting! It is three years ago, almost to the day!


Brothers and Sisters:

I would start with the Gospel of Mark - It’s the shortest and most Scholars think it’s the first - It’s also the easiest to follow.

A simple commentary that describes Authorship and dating would sound somthing like this:

The Gospel of Mark was written by John Mark, the young convert who got home sick on St. Paul’s fist journey. After being taken in by St. Barnabas, he recovered from that such that St. Peter regarded him as trustworthy enough both to accompany him on his missions and to act as his Secratary and “Ghostwriter” for what we know as the Gospel of Mark.

The Gospel of Mark appears to have been written for the Christian Community in Rome which was composed of both Jewish converts to “The Way” as well as Pegan converts to Christianity. Romans were the first to develop ADD as a society…:rotfl:

Although some scholars date the Gospel of Mark (& the other Gospels) as being written AFTER the Fall of Jerusalem due to the prophecies of the Fall of Jerusalem contained in the Gospels (Matthew 24:15-19, Mark 13:14-19, Luke 21:20-24). Because Mark’s Gospel gives the least detail, and Luke’s the most, most of these scholars tend to date Mark earlier than Luke.

If you think about it, you’d see that their premise, that scripture can’t contain prophecies of future events, has got to be falacious, and can’t be a valid basis for dating books in religion based on the miraculous.

I’ve heard that significant pieces of Mark have been found dating from 70 A.D. The usual rule in such copies mean that the book was written at least 25 years before the fragment. That places Mark some time around 45-50 A.D. during the Reign of the Emperor Claudius.

The Gospel of Mark was written for ROMAN Believers, people who were accustomed to the pace of Roman Society. Mark has very little commentary a Roman wouldn’t have recognized, and a lot of ACTION.

The Early Christians were among the first to use a new form of book that we knew as a “book” or “codex”. It has been speculated that the Gospel of Mark had an infancy narrative and that the page it was on was lost during the 1st century of the book’s existence, and that every copy of the book left it out after that.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael, Michael


Hey CM, I love the idea. As Lily already said…James is good or any blessed book is good with me. I’ve already done an in depth study of the Infancy narratives, Gospel of John and am currently working on Genesis. Though I’ve read much more of the Bible than those books, those are the only ones I have studied thoroughly and on a more structured basis (with an awesome Catholic Bible study). So, as you can see, I got a lotta catchin’ up to do. :slight_smile:

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