Interesting article about head covering - from a Muslim perspective

I found this by accident while searching for something wedding related. But I found the article quite interesting in light of all the head covering conversation that goes on here.

Yes - the author’s reference to Canon Law pre-dates 1983, but the rest of the article is still interesting.

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The author’s point is missing some seriously important elements.

  1. the wimple of nuns are a historical tradition arising from common dress of the day when most of the orders were founded.
  2. Chapel veils and mantilla are not signs of being subject to man, but to God and the Tradtion of modesty
  3. the Hijab is often worn such that it conceals identity
  4. proving sexual assault under the sharia is hard; it’s darned near impossible under some Muslim dominated non-sharia civil law systems. (4 male witnesses required to have seen the act!)

Rejecting the wear of obscuring religious wear in public systems of education makes a certain amount of sense… as a teacher, I need to know who is in my class and to whom I am speaking. Locally, the schools have said that the hijab must not cover the face for students to be admitted.

And in France, violence by Muslims has been a real threat.

But neither the wimple nor the chapel veil, nor the "babushka scarf"obscure the wearer’s identity. (Ok, some late 1800’s wimples doubled as blinders…)

Mother Theresa’s was very practical: it kept her hair clean and out of her way, but let her charming face be seen!

Interesting read.

Wearing the hijab for the sake of modesty shouldn’t be a problem, but the author seems to come just a little too close to inferring that women need hijabs for protection against sexual assault.

In most circumstances, I seriously doubt a hijab would keep a rapist away.
Pax Christi,

The more I read, the more I think that some Muslims have a serious hatred of women and a serious lack of self-control.

I still recall the school girls who died in a fire when the religious police would not let them out since they didn’t have on their abaya. And the Taliban treatment of women was obscene.

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