Interesting: Birthdays

Three late actors all were born on this date.

Bette Davis (1908)

Spencer Tracy (1900)

and Gregory Peck (1916)

Which films by these stars do you like?

For Gregory Peck, I love “To Kill a Mocking Bird”

Spencer Tracy, a cute little film called, “Father’s Little Dividend” it’s the sequel to “Father of the Bride”

I haven’t seen much of Bette Davis.:frowning:

I adore Bette Davis!

  1. *All About Eve *- (I think she actually played herself there…)
    2. What Ever Happened To Baby Jane - awesome performance! She should have won the Oscar for which she was nominated
    3. Mr. Skeffington
    *4. Of Human Bondage *- once again, should have won that Oscar!
    *5. Beyond The Forest - *She declared it her least favorite picture but I thought she was great.

Spencer Tracy
1. Judgement at Nuremburg

Gregory Peck
1. To Kill a Mockingbird
2. The Boys From Brazil

Today is my daughter’s birthday, too! She’s 28.

Roman Holiday, but only the (rarely distributed) version with Paula Deen.

:eek: :rotfl:

Happy Birthday!

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