Interesting Catholic Bible Blog


I stumbled across Timothy’s (no, not me) Catholic Bible Blog at

Worth looking at.



There is a sneak peek of the Didache Bible that you have on your other thread. Just search Didache Bible.


I have been reading this blog for several months now and I love it. On Sundays, he is doing a text comparison from the Sunday readings from the Knox Bible translation and The Message Bible translation. Most of all it keeps me updated on the Didache Bible!


I have never heard of a “Didache Bible”. After looking at that site and the preview, I’m excited about it.


I love that blog! It convinced me to give the NABRE Bible a try; its become my favorite translation now.



Having an open mind is rare these days. Good for you, and what a blessing!

His love for the Knox Bible has me taking another look.



Be excited but be patient! It has already been delayed twice!!! I’m hopeful for no more delays!


I’m scheduled to get a review copy of the Didache Bible to review for Tim’s blog. As soon as it shows, I’ll post so that people know they’re in the wild (although with starting a new job next week, it may take a couple weeks to get the review done).


Some of the most interesting content on the blog is in the comments. The discussion on the Didache Bible is fascinating, especially Tim’s criticism of the RSV-2CE.



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