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I just returned from visiting a friend in NY. She and hubby attend the “Reformed Hungarian Church” which I attended with them after attending Mass Saturday night.
Hubby insists he is a Catholic but because of a childhood experience in confession (made to confess a made-up sin to please the Priest - he says), he hasn’t been in a Catholic Church in 61 years. He claimed that this protestant church we attended was “exactly the same” as the Catholic Church. Boy, is he deluded!
I tried to point out that there was absolutely NO resemblance whatsoever after I attended with them. He refused to hear it.
My friend and I attended a beautiful Mass on Saturday night and talked religion on and off all weekend because she was so impressed with the Mass. She thought we (The Catholics) had “removed” books from the Bible (hubby really has her snowed!) but I set her straight on that. Now she wants me to send her a “Catholic” Bible.
Any suggestions on how to open this door to my friend’s heart a bit more? She is suffering from cancer and her prognosis is poor. I so want her to be informed of the Truth of The Catholic Church in a way that her hubby can’t denigrate.


I would send a Catholic Bible (maybe a nice Catholic Study Bible) and some Bible Christian Society tapes.
With the preface of this is a good explanation of how we defend our faith as Catholics to give you some perspective.

Or if you want a softer approach give her something like Catholicism for dummies in order to just explain it and not just “preach” to her.

God Bless


Books of conversion stories might be in order, like Surprised by Truth.

I also recommend *By What Authority? *by Mark Shea.


[quote=catsrus]She and hubby attend the “Reformed Hungarian Church”

You may not have a reason to mention the church ever again; but if you do, and want to be correct, I think it’s actually called the “Hungarian Reformed Church.”

The church got reformed in the Reformation, but the actual Hungarians in the church are still a work in progress :stuck_out_tongue:

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