Interesting conversion story by a former minster, any truth behind the reasons he converted?

A Christian Minister’s Conversion to Islam Dr.Jerald Dirks. Dr. Dirks is a former minister (deacon) of the United Methodist Church. He holds a Master’s degree in Divinity from Harvard University and a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Denver.

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** In the name of Allah , the Most Gracious , Ever Merciful **

And thou wilt find the nearest of them in affection to those who believe (to be) those who say: Lo! We are Christians.

That is because there are among them priests and monks, and because they are not proud. When they listen to that which hath been revealed unto the messengers, thou seest their eyes overflow with tears because of their recognition of the Truth.

They say: Our Lord, we believe. Inscribe us as among the witnesses
[Qur’an 5:82-83]

Welcome Back To Islam
One never converts to Islam, but only returns to his or her original nature

muslim woman give jesus a chance you know you want to convert

** In the name of Allah , the Most Gracious , Ever Merciful **

If Jesus (pbuh) is really God , then he will just say ’ Be ’ & boommmmm I will be a Christians :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW If I become a Mormon or JW , will I get a chance to be in heaven to meet the Catholics ?? Or Jesus (pbuh) will fry me in fire for sometime ??

If you truly care about your life in the hereafter, you would engage in serious debate - so as to learn and/or share your knowledge, instead of these silly, nonsensical comments like: “be” and ‘boooooom’.

Where did you get the ridiculous idea that Mormons or Jehovah’s: Witnesses or any other religion are automatically on a hit-list of some sort? Just because one doesn’t share belief in a particular doctrine, doesn’t mean that the individual who disagrees has an evil God-hating soul.

You might want to refer to your own Ecumenical Councils which call certain individuals “haters of God”.

I’m not going to damn Mormons or anyone else. That’s not my job. By God hater, I meant someone who chooses not to love Jesus Christ. Not someone who is confused, led wrongly by their elders, and doesn’t use the same phraseology that I use. Now, did I say that right? Or are you judging that I, too, will be damned because I don’t understand your particular meaning?

MY particular meaning? LOL. Wow.

You REALLY need to learn your own Church’s history.

I’m sure Arius loved Jesus as much as Nicholas of Myra, but that didn’t stop them from hating each other and it certainly never stopped Ecumenical Councils pronouncing people “haters of God.”

I’m an agnostic. I don’t judge much, and if I did, it would be worthless.

ECs & the higher clergy were often very talented insult-throwers :o Among the Fathers, Jerome was a very talented hater - not everyone would think of calling his former best friend, once dead, a “scorpion”. :frowning: What sort of perverted moral sense calls a man like that a Saint ? :eek:

** In the name of Allah , the Most Gracious , Ever Merciful **

detailed discussion will be off topic. a related article by our revert sis ( ex Christian)

Christian Extremism by Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood

According to the evangelicals so influential in today’s America, only ‘born again’ Christians are on their way to Heaven, the Jews are doomed and the rest of us including non ‘born again’ Christians are not really on God’s ‘radar screen’ at all until He calls us forth to be slain at Armageddon.

And extremely worrying for Muslims, one of the things that has to happen before the time of the end can come, is not only the re-establishment of Israel but also that the Jewish Temple in Jerusalam must be rebuilt on its ancient site. This necessitates destroying the Haram ash-Sharif and the al-Aqsa mosque.

Dear Muslim Woman,
When I wrote re: Mormons, JW’s, etc. I didn’t realize I was in a Protestant forum. I am Catholic. I believe God is a God of Love. One of the purposes of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection was to teach us to love one another as He has loved us - not to hate and condemn one another for His Names sake.

If I’m wrong - and I believe with my whole heart and mind that I am right about Jesus being Lord - but if I’m wrong, then at least I’m taking from it this one important lesson - Love.

Protestantism is not the same as Christianity. It is a newer religion (now large groups of various religions) stemming from Christianity by people who didn’t accept all the truths taught by the original Christian church. So therefore, it cannot be depended upon for all Christian truths. It has kept some truths,and dismissed some, and created some new ideas which they now think are truths.

I won’t be debating my beliefs further with the protestants. I’m an old woman and don’t need the stress of their insults in my life. I love my God and Savior. They prefer to think they are the only ones who get to meet Him someday in Heaven. Boy, will they be surprised.

God bless you. I hope to meet you someday in Heaven. God is all powerful. No one can come to the Father except through the Son. So if you are a loving person - loving God above all things and loving your neighbor as you love yourself, you have a better chance than the hate mongers, for He (the Son) can still open the gate for you and call you in. If I’m wrong - so be it. I still hope to meet you someday in Heaven.


I’m an agnostic. I don’t judge much, and if I did, it would be worthless.

So you have judged your own judgments as worthless? So what are we to make of your judgment about your worthless judgments?.. Worthless? :smiley:

God bless

LOL - yes, Jerome was also (in)famous for saying that marriage was valuable only insofar as it produced virgins! :rolleyes:

I dont damm anyone muslim woman all religons claim exclusive paths to heaven even muslim.Im catholic personally i think christians,muslims,orthodox jews in this country should come together to help bring some morality back.

may god bless you

The position that someone just because they are not a certain religion is doomed to hell is not just nor what God teaches throug His Church. Those who live a good moral life to the best of their ability but who do not know Christ or His Church through no fault of their own are still saved because they are part of the Church through their desire to love, honor, and serve God. I was always fascinated with Islam because they believe in Marys virginity, and Christ birth, but they only see his birth as a testament of Gods power. Yet even after this display of Gods power is shown God is still given limits by them and because they do not understand the Trinity God is therefor incapable of being three persons in one God. They disregard the significance that Christ even in their own religion is the only prophet born without a earthly father to a virgin mother and that almighty God cannot for some reason be triune (which is the greatest display of Gods Almighty power). Its like they are so close to finding Christ they but need to only look past their own limitations to truly allow Christ in their hearts. To the muslims here please understand I do not mean any disrespect. Please now that I do not judge or condemn. You are my brothers, and my sisters and ,y love and prayers are with you.

God bless

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