Interesting day tomorrow! Prayers welcome!


Bear with me for a bit of a story…

My son’s head wrestling coach is an interesting fella. Tatooed to the extreme, piercings all over, different colored hair each month (or at least differnt colors within the same hairdo) - but a heart of gold from everything I’ve seen. Former drug addict that found Christ in a pretty miraculous way - his story is pretty incredible:

Something along the lines of he went into a church to ask for food when he was “on the streets” where God spoke to him and told him to quit using or he would die, he said if God helped relieve the withdrawl pains (heroin was the problem) that his life was his. It happened and he cleaned up, spent a little time in jail, and has since done a bunch of work with the underprivilaged with his wrestling program. He still takes a bunch of heat for looking the way he does - but he says it’s to better reach the kids (I think there’s a little rebellion still in him, a little bit that like the attention, but I know he’s a good guy at heart - no matter the extreme outward appearance). I might add that this fella isn’t Catholic, and has “his own church” group of sorts that meets at his house once a week - very very independant. I’m guessing he leans toward the Penticostal side of the fence, but I could be wrong.

Now we’ve known him for little more than two years now, been on his team (I help coach a little) for bout a year and a half. I have since come to know about his story and observe him (and come to realize that looks can be deceiving) - and he’s been able to observe me and my son and our Catholic faith.

Somehow, in the last few weeks, we finally had our first “theology” conversation - right in the middle of the state wrestling tournament and with everyone standing around us (trying not to pay attention to what we were saying perhaps:-)). The majority about this conversation was about confession. I brought up John 20 to him and we talked about it at some length…he seemed interested - but not convinced of course. We promised to get together one night and bring all our “stuff” and have a good ol’ theology talk. Week later, I gave him Fr. John Corapi’s and Scott Hahn’s conversion CDs. (I told him he may finid Corapi’s story especially interesting).

We still haven’t had our evening discussion yet - but an interesting thing happened this week. He called me and wanted to know when I was going to mass next - said he wanted to go with me. Soooooo - long story short, my friend is going to go with me to St. Francis de Sales Oratory for a Traditional Solemn High Mass - on Divine Mercy Sunday no less (Benediction and reciting of the chaplet before the Blessed Sacrament are scheduled immediately after mass).

Oh yeah, and one more thing…the Gospel reading for tomorrow is, you guessed it…John 20:19-31. Somehow, I don’t think it is entirely coincidental.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the end, but it’s definately going to be interesting tomorrow. Keep my friend especially in your prayers tomorrow! And pray also that the folks at mass don’t get to shocked by my tatooed friend and that Christian charity is shown.

That is all - Peace in Christ!



LOL…funny your tatooed friend and folks getting shocked at Mass. LOL If they are like my parishers, which I’m sure they are, He will be most welcomed. I too also see God’s hand here. Praise God. This is a wonderful story. I love stories like these. :slight_smile: God is leading him there. It will be ok. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I will say a prayer for him and you tonight.

God bless,



You got nothing to worry about with the “folks at Mass”.
Make sure you introduce him around. That’s what he’s use to in Protestant churches.
Especially before Mass, if possible. "Love never Fails…"
Solemn High! WOW WOW!
Hope they have a good choir!
The Gospel IS Providential, no doubt. Hope the Priest has a good Traditional Sermon err Homily.
Jist so happens I have ONE opening left for my Intentions at Mass tomorrow.


Missa solemnis
Sit up front. Let him get a whiff of the incense, and fully see what’s happening up there.
I’m still intrigued and always sit up front to see everything. See if you can get him to go up during communion and get blessed. He won’t feel left out if he’s up for it.

These are some things my sponsors did to me that worked.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


there are so many retired Navy guys down here nobody would look twice at his tatoos, and if he goes to the youth Mass his hair will not stand out at all. great story, thanks.


What a great story! I get chills reading stories like this one. We’ll keep you in our prayers. Please keep us posted on this story, these are the ones that are most exciting for me.

I will also pray that the Holy Spirit works through you to help this man. It sounds as if He already has started. God Bless!



I am reading this late so the day is almost over, by now you and your friend have been to church. What a great story, I am still praying for him, I was at The Divine Mercy Adoration in my Church today I am positive Jesus was reaching out to your friend by having him be there on this special day.


What a great day!

Got to mass about 35 minutes ahead of time and had enough time on the drive to give my friend a brief run-down of the mass, what is happening up there, our belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the sacrificial nature of the Mass, the reasons non-Catholics can’t receive Communion, etc. He was very respectful of everything.

We sat up close. I went to confession and by the time I got back to the pew, a lay person was already leading the divine mercy chaplet and the rosary…I could hear my friend praying along with both…just jumped right in…really surprised me and impressed me.

Solemn High Mass was awesome and beautiful as always at the oratory. Excellent homily as usual as well - very powerful and tied in with the awesome mercy of God and our utter dependance on that mercy. Friend did go up and get blessing at Communion.
Immediately after mass, we had Benediction and a big Eucharistic Procession (with bells and the “canopy” no-less), he pretty much saw it all today.

Afterward, he said the choir really “blew him away”…thought they must have been playing a CD until on his way back from the blessing he saw the folks up there.

He still has alot of questions and I would say is still in the “seed-planting phase” of the journey (still looking around at all the different types of Christianity from what I gather) - so thanks for all the prayers, and keep 'em coming if you can. His name is Jeff. And he did say he would definately be going back with me again - so that is very good. I left him with a few tracts on the Mass and also the CA Pillar of Fire tract. He also said he’d like to get a rosary and learn the Divine Mercy chaplet, so I’m going to get those for him as well.

Funny thing is, he didn’t tell me until we were on the way home that he hadn’t even listened to the Corapi and Hahn conversion CDs yet (misplaced 'em somewhere in his house)…so his reason for calling me and asking to go to mass must have been something else…just had the urge he said. Interesting.

All in all a very good day. Thanks again for all your prayers!

Peace in Christ,



Musta been something else all right… a little prompting from the Holy Spirit?


That is great. Perhaps he will listen to the conversion CDs now and reinforce what he experienced in the presence of Our Lord and the guidance of the Holy Spirit…with a little help from DustinsDad. :thumbsup:




Hahaa… that’s wonderful!! I rememeber noticing the Choir on Christmas Mass I first atended and thought the same thing…hey…their up their… lol
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


This is a great story and we should all give thanksgiving and pray for your coach friend.

I did want to comment on the tatoos. Generally, I find tatoos to be a rather sad thing to observe. However, whenever there is a conversion within a person that is heavily tatooed, the tatoos can become a great sign. We are all born in unbelief and disobedience by way of Adam. Tatoos are often a symbol of rebellion. When a person has a conversion to Christ the rebellion ends and the symbols of our former rebellion become great signs to others.

Although I do not have tatoos, I had in the past been in rebellion. God’s grace in turning us is what stands in contrast. The cross was an ugly sign of torture for criminals but has become a powerful sign of our salvation. Much like the cross and crucifixion, a sign of contradiction, our outward signs of rebellion are forever contradicted by our conversion.


Will keep praying for Jeff, Our God is an Awesome God!


You just cannot outdo the Holy Spirit for the power of conversion.

Count on my prayers as well. Especially the DMC.


Another great conversion story for him is No Turning Back, the story of Fr. Don Calloway.

The son of self-proclaimed “hillbillies” from the back woods of West Virginia, Donald Calloway was raised without any religion or a father figure to model. Finally baptized as a Protestant at the age of ten, he never received any formal Christian instruction. And when his family moved to California, he slipped into the “MTV lifestyle” - sex, drugs and rock music. This pagan rebellion intensified to total mayhem when his family relocated to Japan and he ran away from home.

Satisfaction of the senses became young Donald’s rule of life that escalated to a life of crime. Constantly on the move to avoid arrest, he and his friends soon got connected with the Japanese Mafia. During this time of endless wanton wandering filled with wine, women and song, Donald’s mother became Catholic and fervently prayed for her fifteen-year-old prodigal son to return home


He had practically never even heard of the Catholic Church, but was converted from his evil life by an encounter with Mary. It is a great story and just might make an impression on your friend.


Here’s a follow up on this situation…

Talked to Jeff this week, and he says he wants to go to mass again this week…and might be bringing a few friends of his. I’ll get official word tonight about who will be going.

And once again, this will be traditional Solemn High Mass at St. Francis de Sales Oratory. Only this time, we’ll have a very special visitor…ArchBishop Raymond Burke :thumbsup:

Prayers, prayers, prayers please!

Peace in Christ,



Terrific!! :extrahappy:

We recently brought a guy into the Church who started off in a similar situation (no tattoos, but he does bizarre things to his hair). He took the name “Emmanuel” (God is with us) for his Confirmation name, in honour of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. :thumbsup:


Dustins Dad: give him this. :slight_smile:


WOW !!!

Will definitely pray! :slight_smile: :cool: :thumbsup:

~~ the phoenix

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