Interesting debate between Muslims on separation of Church and State

Here is a debate between secular and non secular leaning Muslims, I thought it was interesting. I noted that Iyad Jamal Al-Din, an Iraqi religious and political figure, suggests that countries like the USA have it right and that countries like the USA should be thanked for intervening in Iraq in 2003.

Secularism is on principle absurd.

Practically there may be worse forms of government, but we should remember that secularism is terrible.

It’s a shame Islam and Muslims have to take their civil wars and division of religion and state to other free countries populated with Muslims on both sides of this issue.

The West is drawn into these Muslim/Islamic internal civil war matters to help keep the peace and prevent the death of minority religions and genocide by hard line Muslims who punishes non-Muslims with death in the name of Allah. Not to mention Oil and the free markets the west wish to obtain.

Islam will always be a state religion, it is a teaching from the Koran. Those Muslims who are trying to bring an ancient way of Islamic life to a current time, by separating Islam from the their political State government; has it’s beginning today, because these are mostly Western Educated Muslims who have seen the Western success and tasted democracy and freedom of religion from the State. Blood will always be shed here among the civil unrest of Muslims.

Western born Muslims living in their religious freedom apart from Western governments are viewed by born Muslims under Islamic control governments as non practicing secularized Muslims.

The Islamic controlled government Muslim who is raised from these, prays for the day and awaits the day for Islam to invade and conquer these non- practicing secularized Muslims and non-Muslims in the west. It is a way of life for the True practicing Muslim who hopes for this type of future in all times, because it is written in the Koran for all Muslims to follow.

It’s interesting I have never heard of a moderate Muslim until the U.S declared war on “terrorism”? When the Muslim Terrorist declared war on the U.S in the name of Islam.

The War is always lost to the one opponent who never knows his enemy.

Enjoy our freedom to speak out like this of any religion today. A day is coming and the U.N is already preparing to write new international laws to protect Islam from any negative speech, whether it be true or not.

Including the States with populated Muslims.


Islam contrasts to Catholic Christianity whose sources, Peter and Paul, came to Rome with solely establishing His Church rather than dealing with any secular imperialism.

Today’s gospel repeats it…‘render to Caesar what belongs to him and render to God what belongs to Him’, meaning us. It gets down to choosing what we do with ourselves…be it for Christ and living out what He taught us or seeking our own will…and domination???..

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