Interesting discussion with friend about celebrating Christmas

Im having an interesting discussion with a friend about celebrating Christmas. He says in the Bible that we are only to celebrate Christ’s death.


Did he give you a chapter and verse that says “don’t celebrate Christmas”?

Or, did he simply say that the Bible doesn’t say anywhere that we should? (By that token, the next time he has a cheeseburger, just take it from him and say, “sorry… the Bible says you shouldn’t eat cheeseburgers”… :wink: )

I’d ask how Christ could’ve died if He’d never been born :shrug:

Seems like both days are pretty holy to me. Does he not realize the significance of God taking on flesh and being born to save us?

Does he celebrate his birthday or his children’s birthdays? Bible doesn’t say to do that either :rolleyes:

Sounds like he’s pretty rooted in fundamentalism to me.

Your friend sounds like a Jehovah’s Witness. Don’t listen to him. They have a twisted version of scriptures and you can never reason with them because of it. You can’t base your beliefs on what is NOT in the bible. Brushing your teeth is not in the bible, but we all do it.

and yet, two gospels make a pretty big deal out of Christ’s birth. they just didn’t call it a birthday party back then, but the wise men did bring gifts!:stuck_out_tongue:

There are OT prophetic verses pre-announcing the Savior… “Rejoice, O Israel etc”, and what about Luke 2, v. 8 and on, when the Angels told the shepherds a savior is born… Glory to God in the heavens, etc. Then the presentation in the temple, all telling of joyful and long-awaited events.

Sorry I’m being so lazy with typing out the passages, but it sure sounds like something to celebrate! Wouldn’t it be odd NOT to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Not everything has to be specifically spelled out in the Bible for us to do or not do them.

When Christ was born, people came from all over: shepherds, angels, ultimately the Magi. When He died, everyone - except the brave women of Jerusalem - ran away. Which sounds more like a “celebration?”

I would ask where it says that in the Bible.

I agree, I’ve had some experience with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and they often referred to Jesus at the last supper, claiming that the ONLY thing Jesus told us to DO was commemorate His death when He said “Do this in memory of Me.”

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