Interesting Holy Mass I attended

The Holy Mass Was held at a Protestant Church
It was an Evening Holy Mass, and the Priest asked us to gather around the altar for Holy communion. The Church wasn’t to packed and so about 40 or so people gathered around the altar .

The priest then gave out communion after the Holy words of the Ritual, but he didnt hold up the Host , put just passed it out really quick and said the Body of Christ.

It doesnt Bother me to Much the Gathering around the Altar, what bothered me I must admit was this Priests sort of Defiance , Like hey look at how different we are, we can gather around the altar …etc Also the lack of Reverance he had of Handling the Body and Blood , soul and Divinity of Christ bothered me as well.

But I knew the Lord would be Satisfied as long as I tried my best to Revere him and co operate with his grace.

Our Faith is in Him not in the Conduct of the Holy Mass .

anyway I wont be attending Mass there anymore


What denomination was it? Perhaps it was one that doesn’t hold to a doctrine of the Real Presence (either consubstantiation or transubstantiation).

And I trust you didn’t partake in the Communion offered there, since as a Catholic you’re not supposed to??

You should report that to your Bishop.

I’m confused. Was this a Catholic priest? Am I to understand that because the mass was taking place in a protestant church, the priest took the opportunity to show defiance (because there were no other Catholic clergy there)?

I wasn’t aware that Catholic masses ever took place in protestant churches…

I’m confused too. You are saying a Catholic Mass by a Catholic priest took place in a Protestant Church? Please clarify that.

Yes the Priest is CATholic and it was a Catholic Mass. The Holy Mass is Held at a Protestant Church . Its for College Kids, and young adults in the Area and the Local Catholics I guess borrow the Church to hold there services there.

There’s some similar things going on in my university’s Mass. We gather around the altar, we don’t kneel or anything. He joins us as we pray the Lord’s Prayer and even participates in the sign of peace, which isn’t allowed. During the daily Mass, he simply has the paten passed around and we just take the host from it. I’ve stopped going to both and will be talking to the Bishop soon hopefully. First, talk to the priest respectfully and then if he doesn’t listen, let him know that you’ll be contacting the Bishop, not as a threat, but as a way of letting him know you care about the sanctity of the Mass.

Do not continue to attend mass there - your attendance is support of it. Please contact your Bishop on the matter and ensure that he understands completely that there are liturgical abuses taking place there.


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