Interesting lecture of Roy Casagranda on Rise of Islam

Would you mind giving us a bullet point synopsis? 2 hours is quite the commitment. And some of us don’t have the time to devote to such.

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The fact is that it is important to listen to the lecture itself. Even if you are on the road or in the kitchen busy, just turn on and listen.
For general development in religious studies, it is interesting to listen.

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So it can’t be summarised?

There are other speakers as well.

click here google you tube islam

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Now can this video be summarised? :laughing:

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important to review … only 18 minutes … stop anytime

l listened Dr. Bill Warner, a very impressive historian, and his arguments are realistic and even I would say Pro-Christian.
Roy Casagranda is a historian who narrates from a different angle, but for a thinking person to listen to him for general acquaintance and weighing arguments is also interesting.

i watched a little over half and found it interesting, but fell asleep. it was late.

Gosh, listening to these two speakers, you would think you were listening to completely different histories.

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Bill Warner christianizes his speech with cold, truthful realism, nothing like this is seen in Roy Casagranda.
I think that lectures of the historian are the opinion and the facts, and weighing of the facts is already necessary to listeners.

If someone provides a summary, I’ll chime in. I don’t have time to listen to the videos in full. This is an important topic. I believe the rise of Islam is eschatological. Islam will produce the Anti-Christ and False Prophet (the Muslim “Jesus”).

There are posts on the forum are very long and there are speeches visual very long. This topic is for review, weighing, analysis and many nuanses. Not for quick and surface examination. This is not a finished and concise diagnoses of non-catholic religions

I’m quarter of the way to the video.
I think it’s easy to provide a summary or table of contents even though others may find it difficult.

Most Muslims I have spoken to, seem to fall more in line with the lecture by Roy Casagranda.

Yea, I started listening to Roy Casagranda’s lectures on other topics, and I see that his lectures on United States policy in the Middle East are rather damning and critical.
But as for religion, it is probably more interesting for me to study and weigh the arguments of opponents than propaganda of Evangelical fundamentalists anti-Islamism.

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