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At Confession today my Priest gave me a Penance that I’m not sure how to complete. He instructed me to do perform some act that I would not be able to do without God. Now I know that I can do nothing without God, but I know he meant something deeper than to merely exist. Do any of you have some suggestions? Am I just not seeing the obvious? Please help me.


How about doing something good for someone who you really can’t tolerate?

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Being a beacon could definitely turn someone to Christ!


OKaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy . . . not sure how to take that one. LOL

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Perhaps it is the obvious…[LIST]
*]Can you recieve absolution without God?
*]Can you pray without God?
*]Can you worship without God?
*]Can you receive the Eucharist in Communion without God?[/LIST]


I had thought of all of these things, but in my attempt to make things harder than they actually are, I had kind of dismissed them out of hand. I nkow that I am nothing and God is everthing. Father Corapi says that “God loves the speck”, and for that I’m thankful. Thanks, very much!!


Seems Father sure got you pondering on a deep level and about God and yourself and your relationship:thumbsup: …


I believe what Father wants you to do is to do something which you know you don’t want to do, and hence, can’t do without God’s help.

As an example (and you can do this as penance), you can confess your sins to a fellow brother or sister in Christ. It is not sacramental confession, but it is a very humiliating penitential act.


How about doing some corporal or spiritual work of mercy.
Prayers & blessings
Deacon Ed B


Maybe he’s asking you, through God’s mercy, to forgive yourself.



My first thought was prayer. Even if we think we are the ones who decide to pray, it is ALWAYS God who initiates prayer. The Holy Spirit always prompts us to do so. Without God’s intervention, it would never occur to us to pray.


I like that possibility.

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Pray. How could you communicate with God if He did not exist? Spend time with Him. Fall deeper in love with Him. Trust Him. Hope in Him. Doing anything with Him is quite impossible to do without Him.


Pick the person who is a real thorn in your side, whom you cannot stand, who is currently making life at work, school or home miserable, and do something kind without them knowing or finding out. Do it cheerfully and in a spirit of love.


Thank you all very much!! Some of these suggestions had crossed my mind, while many didn’t. Forgiving oneself is probably the hardest thing to do!! While maintaining an open and communicative relationship with God is of the utmost importance, it can become “dry”. However, praying through the “dry” times develops a new facet of one’s relationship with God!

Thanks again, you have been a great help indeed.


You’re most welcome. Have a blessed and gentle holiday season.

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All of the advice is good I agree with you and good ideas. For me it means stepping out and leading something. I’;m kind of a follower or think someone else could do better I shake and am so nervous. I haven’t done a reading yet. If I hear someone has had an operation or is sick I have to make myself go over and ask how they are and I am sweating the whole time. But then I know God is there, but with an action He is more visible.

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