Interesting picture - artist's concept of Mary and Eve

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday, Apr. 4 - the Feast of the Annunciation (transferred from Mar. 25 since Good Friday was on that date this year), I received this picture:

I’ve never seen a picture quite like it. The expression on Mary’s Face is so very tender! Mary’s right hand on Eve’s cheek is so typical of a Mother’s caressing the face of her child. Mary’s left hand holding Eve’s hand to the beating Heart of Baby Jesus within Mary’s womb is so like Mary’s holding us close to Jesus — from the moment He gave us to Her, and Her to us as Mother, on Calvary.

The more I ponder the picture, the more I’m blessed by it. Mary is “terrible as an army set in battle array”-- by the power of God’s Son within her, Mary crushes satan beneath her foot. Still, God’s Mercy looks through Mary’s eyes and sees the sadness on Eve’s face. Mary is the Mother of Mercy, the Refuge of sinners and the Queen of all Saints. Mary’s eyes and the hint of a beginning smile on her lips tell Eve and us: “God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life”. ( John 3:16)

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing. Just goes to remind us that the “No” of Eve was redeemed in the “Yes” of Mary.


Eve is blushing.

I love it! It’s beautiful, and doesn’t need words. The whole story is right there. I’ve never seen Mary and Eve depicted together. They are both the most important women in the Bible, undoubtedly. Mary is even called “the New Eve” and Jesus is “the New Adam.” They should do one with Adam and Jesus.

Dear granny,

You are very welcome! I thanked the one who found it and I wish I knew the artist to thank. It is such a sweet concept of Mary our Mother, and a true portrayal of all of us who have sinned, after the Original sin of Adam and Eve.

Yes, and the expressions on both their faces are truly the results of our “No” (Eve is sad and downcast) or our “Yes” ( Mary is carrying Christ and is compassionate – there is even a hint of a smile for Mary knows there is joy in Jesus’ Presence)

Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your Amen, tawny!

And rightly so! Yet she is not resisting Mary, but has walked toward her – what a lesson for all of us in the human family!

Dear Crown of Stars,

I love it too! While it does not “need” words, I believe it is sometimes good to share what the Holy Spirit inspires in us. I find that often a comment from one leads to a new thought from another, and the two who have shared their gifts are both the richer for having shared some insights.

I’ve never seen another artist’s portrayal with such a tenderness of Mary towards Eve and such a sadness in Eve over her sin. I have a sense that there is a lot of “feminine genius” in this artist. I don’t know if the artist is a woman or not, but I tend to think it may be a woman. I’m not sure she could do one as good as this one for Adam and Christ. Maybe it will take a strong man’s touch to paint that other picture. It would also be very interesting. Any artists out there willing to try?

The painting is by by Sister Grace Remington, OCSO
Sisters of the Mississippi Abbey in Dubuque, Iowa.

O Eve!
My mother, my daughter, life-giving Eve,
Do not be ashamed, do not grieve.
The former things have passed away,
Our God has brought us to a New Day.
See, I am with Child,
Through whom all will be reconciled.
O Eve! My sister, my friend,
We will rejoice together
Life without end.
— Sr Columba Guare © 2005 Sisters of the Mississippi Abbey


Dear simples,

Thanks for the poem. I went to the website you gave but could find no indication of the picture or of the artist. Can you tell me where you found the information? Do you know the Sisters personally? It is an interesting poem to accompany the interesting picture. Is it perhaps on one of their blog entries?

Based on the info from simpleas, I was able to find a blog entry with more about it. You can purchase a print of it from their candy web store: Print of Mary and Eve

As an unexpected bonus, I may have also found a new chocolate supplier. :smiley:

Seems Usige has answered for me :thumbsup:

Dear Usige,

Thanks so much to both you and to simpleas for the information. I hope I didn’t violate any copyrights of the sisters by copying it on to the internet – maybe giving these new links will encourage others to visit the site and buy some of the Sisters’ works – I bet the chocolate is delicious too.

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