Interesting protest method!

It seems that CBS had decided to cancel one of my favorite TV shows Jericho. Jericho, for those of you who haven’t seen the show is about a small town in Kansas that deals with the aftermath of a Nuclear Attack by domestic/international terrorists on several cities in the USA. It is a very interesting and I feel honest portrayal of what life would be like in that scenario.

Fans of the show have decided to protest it by ordering large orders of nuts to send to the CBS executives. I hope it works.

erm… why nuts? :confused:

:rotfl: I was kind of wondering if it would find its’ way in here, strangely enough. That was a good show (would’ve like to have seen more dialog between certain characters though, and more about how the town is getting by – not by indirectly hinting things). But, the characters are interesting (even if they do wind up killing off my favorite characters).

Oh, and I posted on the show’s wiki site (on CBS) for everyone to watch the all of the free episodes on Innertube tomorrow. :slight_smile: (spike in the bandwidth)

It’s an inside joke. In the final episode, the lead character was recalling a story his grandfather told him about “nuts” (another town was attacking their town for their salt, and their leader asked him to surrender, so the main character said, “Nuts!”.). It was about a general in WWII during the battle of the bulge, when asked to surrender. His response was, “Nuts!”. (We learned this in 8th grade Social Studies class! :p) So, people decided to send nuts to CBS. (Some suggested salted nuts, or salt, since in the show, the town’s main resource is salt).

I was also very upset when I found out…I already posted a thread in popular media, glad to see I’m not the only one who feels that the show is worth saving.
I am also told there is an online petition going around. As soon as my friend decides to email me the link, I’ll let you know what it is.

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