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A question for theists and atheists:

This was taken from a book I was reading:

A hard question is “If there is a God, than why is there evil”…but the harder question is “if there isn’t a God, why is there good?”

My answer:

God created everything. all of which is good. Humans are inherently good, however there is a slight impediment to us remaining “good” throughout our lives, selfishness. Selfishness leads to anger, hate, greed, lust, envy, whatever you can think of. However, is this selfishness imbedded whithin us, when God created us? Is this something God gave us? If it were, would that mean that He is the author of good and evil? The answer is no. God gave us free will and an intellect, the ability to know right from wrong. Some abused this privilige and went in the wrong direction, for example Lucifer…aka Satan. He bacame a victim of selfishness. He then tempted Adam and Eve, causing them to act incorrectly and therefore leaving all future generation vulnerable to sin and selfishness.

My final answer is this: God did not create sin or evil, he simply provided those created in His own image a free will and intellect, including His angels. Lucifer became selfish and was cast out and he then caused others to not follow God (Adam and Eve) and therefore caused problems for all future generations. So in short, satan is the author of sin and evil.

Good is caused by what God provided everyone. Think about it, when you do something good, you feel better. It just makes more sense.

Make sense or anyone want to help…I have to admit that I could take this so many ways but I wouldnt know where to end. I could go for days on this topic.



hmmz how very interesting…


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