Interesting response


I finally found my painting!!! The same exact one you see below:D :thumbsup:!!! I was soooo excited, I got the framed 40x30 painting for $50…what a bargain hu? It would have cost my at least $150 anywhere else. God blessed me, He knew how much I wanted this piece and what it meant to me:).

Anyway, on the to the interesting response…it came from ds. I brought the painting inside and showed it to him. He looked at it and I asked him who that was, what her name was. He looked at me and said “baby Fatima” and I said what…who is it and he repeated “baby Fatima” a friend of mine was here and we just looked at each other…puzzled. Then I pointed at JPII and asked him who that was and he said “father” then I pointed at Our Lady of Guadalupe again and asked who she was and again he said “baby Fatima”. I took my statue of Our Lady of Fatima and asked him who she was and he said “Mamita Mia” (he says Mia cause he can’t say Maria, so it’s Spanish for mommy Maria). For the last time I pointed at the painting and asked again, he sighed and said “baby Fatima” then I said ok baby, thank you.

Not sure why he kept insisting that it was his baby sister. The only thing I can think of is that if he’s been blessed enough to “see” her maybe he has seen his little sister in the arms of Our Lady. What a most comforting thought:gopray2: :signofcross: :heaven:.

What do you guys make of it?


That is a beautiful painting!!! And a beautiful response from your ds!


Is me or is Mary’s clothing not covering her chest? Is there some theological reason why it is this way?

It seems rather weird.:confused:

Otherwise it is a beautiful picture.


It is covering her chest…it’s just a very close colour to her skin tone. If you look closely, you can see the pattern.


Maybe when your ds sees Fatima, he also sees Mary as Guadalupe.


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