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Have there ever been any blind priests or decons? Is that possible? I don't know anyone who's blind or anything...I was just curious.


It is certainly possible that a person would be ordained and later become blind. An ordination leaves an “indellible mark” on the character; such that they are still properly a Priest or Deacon.

However; it would seem unlikely that they would be able to carry on normal Priestly functions; but they would still remain a Priest/Deacon.

I would think it unlikely that someone would be able to be ordained as either a Priest or a Deacon if they were blind; at the very least they would require a dispensation. It is entirely possible however that they might be able to pursue a vocation which blindness would not be an impediment towards; for example Didymus who was blind ran a theological School; where he went on to teach the Jerome; who would later become Saint Jerome; and a Doctor of the Church.

I would think it impossible to be ordained when blind as this would impede performing many the Sacraments; an essential part of being a Priest. It would also prove difficult for a Deacon to read scriptures; which even if scriptures had been memorised would prove almost impossible as the Deacon would also be unable to perform many of the other roles of a Deacon; including but not limited too the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament; Baptism etc.

However; it would be possible (although unlikely) that a blind person may enter an Order which did not engage in a ministry requiring sight; thinking particularily of Orders which run schools - the example of Didymus may make it a (slim) possibility.


please explain: I’m not understanding how blindness would impede the ministerial priest hood. Also, why is it not possible that a Deacon could have the Gospels in Braille? Blindness doesn’t impede proclaiming the Gospels. And a priest administering Sacraments needs his eyes-Why?

Actually I just went on web site of USCCB- Sacramentary and lectionary Are available in Braille.


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please explain: And a priest administering Sacraments needs his eyes-Why?


Safety? Old churches, narrow crooked stairs, lol. I think its likely possible but does pose difficulties.


as a kid I had a neighbor boy who was blind. I was the (sighted) one always falling down and running into things. He was extremely graceful. Last I heard- as an adult the only thing He can't do is see.
Many many blind folks don't sit in a corner anymore listening to the world pass by.


Well I would assume they wouldn't assign such a person to a parish with old crooked stairs, and even if they did blind people can be surprisingly able.


I’m sure he would continue serving and be an example for all!!!


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