Interesting video!

what is your opinion on this video?\\

:bowdown: :byzsoc:

My opinion is, that no matter how many times someone shows you the words “we are one”, does not make it so.
Nice photos, and dramatic music don’t make it so either.:shrug:

If you actually want people to look at a video, please give it a description. I will never blindly link to a video unless I know what it is about or why someone thinks it is relevant.

Same here…

In His love

Catholic Deacon

Its all about false unity.

Sorry about that.

but what i want to know as if anybody can testify that these are the words of the holy father and Patriarch Bartolomew?


Even still, you still have not described the video.

You had your chance. I will not view it and I will unsubscribe from this thread.

In the future, please do not be so rude or presumptuous.

Holy Father says nothing for anyone to believe the statements here on this clip.
If he did, you would see a document on it, and hundreds of threads on it here at CAF.:wink:

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